Saturday, November 8, 2008

Were There Rocks in My Socks??

"Running on - running on empty, Running on - running blind, Running on - running into the sun, But Im running behind" Jackson Browne, Running on Empty

Cheshire Linear Trail...cloudy, drizzly, a blah kinda day. BUT, warm enough (55 degrees) to wear a t-shirt and shorts. Instead of feeling like I had rockets in my pockets, it felt as if I had rocks in my socks. I really wanted to go for a ten mile run today, just because. As I started my run, it just didn't feel as comfortable as it usually does. Maybe running the previous four days had taken a toll on the pep in my step. At least I had company. Families, joggers, and walkers were still on the trail despite the weather. Fortunately it wasn't as busy as it usually is on a Saturday. (The trail starts in Cheshire, the town I live in, and continues through Hamden and into New Haven, where it ends. It's about 8 miles one way. More info. is available at During my first mile, and into my second mile I determined that today was not going to be a 10 mile day. I felt that 8 miles wasn't in the cards either. So I reluctantly turned around at the blue spray painted "3" in Hamden, and headed back towards Cheshire, planning on running a 6 miler. But heading back I actually started to feel better... kinda like I had marbles instead of rocks in my socks. I made a deal with myself that if I still felt like this at the end, that I would turn around and run to the one mile marker and back again, for a total of 8 miles. Well, I did, and I did. So, bottom line is a 1:10.19 (8:47/M) 8 mile run today.

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