Saturday, November 22, 2008


"(You got) Bad luck; That's what you got, that's what you got; (Yes, uh) Bad luck; That's what you got, that's what you got; Bad luckThat's what you got, that's what you got; (You got) Bad luck, bad luck (Bad)": Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes: Bad Luck

Current temperature outside: 19 degrees; feels like 13 degrees. Oh, and I just discovered that our furnace isn't working. At least we have a full tank of oil. That's ok, because we have a propane fireplace to help keep us warm. BUT I just checked the propane tank. The gauge reads below empty. The oil company is coming out today to repair our furnace. A Saturday service call on a chilly day should cost me about a billion bucks. The propane company will get back to me today, or so says the woman I talked to from the answering service. Well, I was close...sorta. I already had scheduled a propane delivery for next Tuesday. As Maxwell Smart would say, I "Missed it by THAT much." I hate you people living in Florida, Arizona, California, and wherever else it's warm!!
UPDATE: $219.42 to repair/clean furnace and hot water heater. Thank-you Giacco Oil of Meriden for arriving an hour after I called you, fixing the problem, and charging a fair price. Propane delivery will be on Tuesday, as scheduled. An extra $100 to have it delivered today wasn't worth it.

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