Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it Winter Already?

"Everyone knows it's Windy" The Association: "Windy"

OK, I know it's technically still fall. However, running 4 miles today on the road, with a temperature of 32 degrees (feels like 29, according to WTNH.com website) was a reality check. I probably won't be able to run wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt again for another 4 or 5 months. BUMMER!! Today's attire consisted of a hat, gloves, short sleeved "wick" shirt, long sleeved shirt, shorts, and sweatpants....did I forget anything? I was going to "cheat" and run 3 miles, reminding myself that I had a meeting at 5:30 to attend. Problem was, no matter how I did the math, I still had enough time to run a longer distance. So I used my normal logic of 3 miles was too short, but due to time constraints and the cold temperatures, 5 miles was too far. Guess what distance I settled on?! I decided to run my original 4 mile course, since it doesn't have any "killer hills." Off I went, cursing the "feels like 29 degrees temperature," along with the wind which was blowing from the west, meaning my last mile was going to be run into it. My first mile was an 8:36, which meant I was doing too much whining, and not enough running. So I picked up the pace, and it started feeling like a "runners high" was on the way. Maybe drinking the 16 oz. can of Erev energy drink helped. My 2 mile time was 17:06, or an 8:30 mile...still not acceptable. I turned around, and headed for home, determined to do better. By then I was feeling fantastic: warm, cooling breeze, pain free, and running without effort. The dark clouds and falling leaves seemed to me like a beautiful scene. Yup, the runner's high had arrived. I hit the 3 mile point at 25:06...an 8 minute mile! I was running with and like the wind. I cranked out the last mile, pain free, mega-high, and effortless. Last mile time was 7:32....what can I say?? Overall, I ran a 32:40 4 miler, for an average of 8:10 per mile. Tomorrow I'm off from Weight Watchers, so I'm hoping to run a 5 or 6 miler at the Linear Trail. The forecast is for the same weather as today, but at least I won't have to worry about my swimming ability!

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