Thursday, November 6, 2008

And I Wonder, Still I Wonder, Who'll Stop the Rain

"Let it rain, let it rain, Let it rain, rain, rain." Eric Clapton

Nope, I wasn't going to let the rain keep me from running. After all, I'm encouraged by the fact that my bathroom scale was MUCH kinder to me this morning: 180 lbs. I'll take it, considering it was mooing at me on Monday as I weighed in at 183.5. I decided to cut back my distance to 3 miles, since 5 minutes before I went outside I could hear the rain pounding on my skylights. Fortunately when I started my run it had stopped. So I ran my 3 mile course the regular way, having learned my lesson yesterday. The worst part was the final mile, when I headed north and was met with a faceful of rain. The rain kept me company until I finished. Running in the dark, in the rain, and wearing glasses that I have to keep wiping off isn't fun. Anyhow, enough complaining. My time of 24:24 (8:08/M) was better than is good.

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