Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride it Where I Like

Temperature: 57 degrees; 10 miles; 12.8 average m.p.h.; 46:49

(OK, I confess, I stole my title from Queen's song "Bicycle Race.")

Question: When does 57 degrees on a sunny day not feel warm in Connecticut??
Answer: When you ride a bike instead of running.
Yesterday I went for another bike ride. Ho Hum. I forgot that when you're riding a bike and averaging 13 miles per hour, shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt don't keep you warm enough. That's really the only complaint I have about my 10 mile ride yesterday. Unfortunately I don't have any exciting riding stories such as near death experiences with red trucks. Riding a bike is generally uneventful compared to running, as we all know. I rode on local streets, since I was limited by the fact it was a Weight Watchers work night. I really wanted to go for a long ride from my home to the end of the linear trail and back, which is about 20 miles total. I guess that's what the weekends are for. Pain wise, I'm developing some good pain in my legs, since I'm using different muscles than I normally use. I love to challenge myself with uphill rides, and I find as many hills to conquer as I can. On a positive note, I'm building up my mileage, and shouldn't have any problems in June with the 25 mile ride I'm doing to raise money for MS. My heel doesn't bother me at all when I ride, and it seems to be slowly getting better each day I don't run. I've kind of made a deal with myself that I truly only have one running goal left to achieve: Completing the New York City Marathon. Whether I accomplish that this year remains to be seen. I'll find out in June whether or not I'm accepted for this November's marathon. If not, as I've said in earlier posts, I have automatic entry in 2010. In the meantime, I'll ice my heel, continue to wear my night splint, take ibuprofen, and take advantage of the whirlpool in my bathroom. Every time I see someone running, or read everyone's blogs about what they've accomplished lately with their running, I can't help but feel jealous. But hey, as I like to say, in the big picture of all the things in my life to be worried about, not being able to run right now isn't a big deal. I need to remind myself of that, and stop whining and complaining in my blog about my heel. So everyone out there, please feel free to give me a reality check at times about how fortunate I am to have a loving wife, 2 great kids, a job, a roof over my head, food, and my health.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh My Aching Heel!

"Spring" temperature: 45 degrees; splits 9:31; 10:08; 10:18; 10:18; 10:34; 10:41 1:01:31 total for 6 miles; 10:16 per mile pace.

I debated whether or not it would be wise to run two days in a row. On one hand, my heel was feeling fine. Sure, it hurt a little bit whenever I stepped a certain way, or stood on it too long. That was a legitimate reason to rest, especially since I took tomorrow off from work and could run then. On the other hand, I had a plan. Today I was being a good husband and bringing my wife's car to a co-worker's house so that her husband and her son, a student in my classroom, could tune it up. Their house is 5 miles from my home. So my strategy was to drive the car there, do my second day of Jeff Galloway method marathon training, and run home. I decided to follow the same plan as yesterday, where I ran for 5 minutes, walked for a minute, and ran for 5 minutes.
After repeatedly refusing a ride and reassuring my co-worker that I would be fine running home, ("Yes, I'm aware that it is overcast and supposed to rain;" "No, I'm not going to run on Route 10;" "Yes, I have my cell phone;" "Don't worry, I'm wearing my runner's id.") off I went. The street they live on gave me a nice downhill start-perfect for practicing Jeff's "acceleration-gliders." It was also perfect for an early start to feeling twinges of pain in my heel. Surviving the downhill, I turned left, started my marathon form of feet low to the ground, upright posture with a balanced body, light, increased turnover of feet with minimal springing, and striving to feel relaxed, comfortable, and smooth. A light mist was falling, and my glasses were already getting foggy. I ran on the shoulder and waited for an opening in traffic so I could cross and run on the sidewalk. I purposely had not worn my mp3 player, knowing I needed to have all my senses aware of my surroundings. Finally seeing what I thought was a break in traffic, I ran across the street and was startled by a vehicle beeping its horn. Apparently I wasn't keeping my glasses as fog free and spot free as I thought, as I hadn't even seen the bright red truck before I crossed. About a minute later, still running on the sidewalk, I again heard a horn beep. I knew I was definitely out of traffic's way, and laughed when I saw my co-worker's husband drive by and wave. I was fortunate to arrive at the only traffic light I would have to deal with just as it turned green. I gave the "Mr. America" wave as the drivers allowed me the right of way. About halfway into the run, it started raining. Rain doesn't generally bother me, as it's an annoyance rather than a hinderence. The run-walk-run breaks really were helping, since they were giving my heel a break, plus allowing me to clean my glasses the best I could with a soggy shirt. As I continued to run, the rainy, overcast, and chilly day brought back memories of my first marathon last May. Those memories helped me tune out the fact that it was raining harder, and my heel was hurting me more. I chose to run home a different route than I had driven, in order to avoid a "killer hill" that I would have to run up. Of course my alternate route consisted of a mile+ series of hills that was an incline of 300 feet total. However, my run-walk-run helped me to easily conquer the hills and keep the level of pain the same. As I was almost home I realized my detour had added some distance onto my run. Rather than stop after 5 3/4 miles, I added a few loops and ran 6 miles even. Definitely a feeling of satisfaction having defeated the elements and my heel pain. I'm completing this post at 4:30 the following day, and my heel pain is worse than ever. If it persists, I'm going to schedule a return appointment with my podiatrist.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Training Program

Farmington Canal Linear Park (a.k.a. the linear trail). 63 degrees; splits 9:45; 10:24; 10:37; 10:21; 10:40; 10:30; 1:02:17 total for 6 miles; 10:23 per mile pace.

An absolutely PERFECT day for running after a week off to rest my heel and instep. I chose to run today, for the first time, using the Jeff Galloway (http://www.jeffgalloway.com/) run-walk-run (TM) method. I purchased Jeff's book a couple of weeks ago, and am convinced that his method of training will work well for me. The most difficult part of his training methods for me will be to let go of my obsession about time and pace. After today's run, I think I can. I'm already convinced that alternating running for 5 minutes with walking for a minute is the way to go. I felt very little twinges of pain from my troublesome foot. I was so focused on watching my Garmin for the 5 minute and 1 minute times that the 6 miles went by very quickly. Plus I enjoyed my run a lot more. No pressure, just pleasure. My overall pace of 10:23 per mile is equal to a marathon time of 4:32:09 (thanks Cool Running Pace Calculator). I'd be satisfied running NYC or Hartford at that time 6 1/2 months (Hartford) or 7 1/2 months (NYC) from now. I'm confident if I follow his entire running plan of running, cross training, hill training, acceleration gliders, etc. that I can even beat my best marathon time of 4:22:19. It seems that with less pain I will have more gain. This is the most excited I have been about training and running since I began. Also, I saw "roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady." again....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dust off the Spider Webs, Get on the Bike

Common sense prevailed today. My left heel and instep are just waiting for me to run too soon and too fast. They have been giving me daily friendly reminders of pain whenever I turn the wrong way, or put too much pressure on them. So, today I decided to reunite myself with my old friend, "Raleigh." Raleigh, my 18 speed bike, has been hanging out in my shed. Raleigh's been lonely the past 2 1/2 years, as I'd abandoned him for Asics, my running shoes. Poor Raleigh was looking kind of flat, so I "pumped him up." I put on my "tool helmet," as my wife and kids call my biking helmet, set my Garmin for biking, and off I went. It was cold, 44 degrees, and windy, but I was dressed in my running attire. Of course my tool helmet did absolutely nothing to keep my ears warm. I settled into a comfortable riding pace, and figured I would see how far I could ride in 45 minutes. Shortly into my ride, I started to remember how much fun (and painless)riding a bike was. Heck, I could ride wherever I wanted, as fast or as slow as I wanted, and didn't feel the pressure of stressing about split times or whether or not I would experience pain. It was like....like being a kid again. My 45 minute ride turned into a one hour, one minute, and 12 seconds ride. Overall, I covered 11.73 miles, and averaged 11.5 mph. Not bad for a riding novice. Maybe the 25 mile bike ride I signed up for to benefit MS on June 7th will be easier to complete than last year. Maybe I can beat my 2 hours and 10 minutes time, Maybe I can build up enough calluses on my ass between now and then so it doesn't hurt so bad this year! Somehow a 52 year old man wearing spandex riding shorts with built in ass protection just doesn't seem right. Yup, I was walking like a cowboy after last year's ride. In response to Anais' comment, yes, I do have a super duper padded gel seat! Perhaps riding my bike and giving my foot and body a break from running will work out. That is, until warmer weather comes and the 5K and half marathon races arrive. After that, who knows? Addendum: Wednesday's bike ride stats: 7.21 miles; 32:43; 13.2 average mph.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Patience, Patience, Patience...

Normally I run on Sundays. I wasn't able to yesterday for many reasons. First, I helped my son with his needs. I'm not sure who knows this and who doesn't, but my 23 year old son has muscular dystrophy, so he depends on me, my wife, and my daughter, as well as personal care assistants to help him. Plus my wonderful wife is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and a partner in the firm she works at, so she's working about 75 hours a week/7 days a week. I also had a staff meeting at Weight Watchers yesterday. That being said, even if I had the time, I wouldn't have run. My left heel and instep are bothering me again. I've been icing it, and popping ibuprofen as much as possible in order to avoid a return trip to the podiatrist. Things are looking "iffy" right now. I've already decided that the 10 mile race in 2 weeks isn't possible. The only thing keeping me sane right now is Jeff Galloway's book "Marathon" arrived last week. I'm not usually much of a reader, but this book's a keeper. I'm definitely going to start training using his plan as soon as I can. Between his run/walk/run method, plus cycling, I'm confident that there's a marathon in my future in October (Hartford) or November (NY). In the meantime, I'll take it easy, read everyone's blogs, and keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You're Damn Right I Ran!!

48 degrees; splits 9:02; 8:57; 8:52; 8:46; 35:37 total for 4 miles; 8:54 per mile pace.

Well, after 2 days of resting, lots of ibuprofen, and some icing of my heel, I decided that I'd risk running. After all, if it felt alright to walk, then why not give running a shot? To be safe, I chose the Farmington Canal Linear Park (a.k.a. the linear trail). I really don't have any great insight about my run, but I will say that I completed it with goosebumps. I am again a runner, as slow a runner as when I began running again 2 1/2 years ago, but I am a runner. I ran the linear trail...I ran 4 miles and I didn't have to walk. Sure my heel hurt a little bit, especially when I turned around at mile 2, but so what. I've got hope, and hope is a wonderful thing. I just spent $5.00 (thank-you Amazon.com) and bought Jeff Galloway's book "Marathon!" I'm going to set up a run/walk training program based on his book. I believe that I can still run/walk long races with decent times, plus alleviate the wear and tear on my 52 year old body. I'm going to go start reading and taking notes now. By the way, THANK-YOU everyone for you well wishes. All of you lifted my spirits and I greatly appreciate that. P.S. Guess who I saw during my run?! Yup, "roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady." I love that woman!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Should Have Listened to My Podiatrist

53 degrees; splits 8:47; 8:47; 8:45; 8:52; 8:53; 8:36; 52:40 total for 6 miles; 8:46 per mile pace.

I ran 6 miles on the Linear Trail. It felt effortless at the beginning, and actually at the end also. One problem. My left heel, the same heel that I got a cortisone shot in 2 months ago, is not happy. I might even say, no, I WILL say that it's feeling exactly the way it did prior to me getting the shot 2 months ago. I went in my whirlpool, I've put ice on it, I've taken ibuprofen, and instead of feeling better it's feeling worse. I guess the tingly feeling that started yesterday was my first clue that trouble was heading my way. I'm frustrated, angry and whatever adjectives I can use to describe pissed off. I'm putting my heel lifts back in my shoes, resting my feet, continuing to ice it, and of course keeping my fingers crossed. Yup, I should have listened to my podiatrist. Instead, I apparently did too much, too fast. Friday is the first day of spring. Was today my last day of running for a while, or worse yet, forever?? (Yeah I know, kind of dramatic, aren't I?!!) :-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shorter Distance, Faster Pace

56 degrees; splits 8:58; 8:34; 8:46; 8:41; 8:21; 43:20 total for 5 miles; 8:40 per mile pace.

Disclaimer: This posting may not be up to my usual high standards of creativity.(JK) This was written a few hours after returning home from Mohegan Sun Casino, where I spent 4 hours with my wife having dinner, drinking beer, gambling, and drinking beer. Did I mention we drank beer?! My lovely wife is working 70 hours a week as a CPA and she and I had almost forgotten who each other were!

So much for my original plan of running another 7 or 8 miles. Due to time constraints, I cut back my run to 5 miles. It was another random road run, which has quickly become my favorite way to run. I seem to do better since I'm not psyching myself out by knowing ahead of time where all my mile splits are. I just run wherever I feel like running, and keep my eyes and ears focused on my Garmin for my splits. After a sluggish start, I warmed up and felt great. The more I ran, the better I felt. I'm excited about my consistent split times every time I run lately, plus my legs and lungs are feeling stronger again. I'm feeling confident that as long as I don't overdo it, I'm well on my way to running the 10 mile race in 3 weeks.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Gr8 Run

52 degrees; splits 9:00; 8:54; 8:53; 9:09; 9:08; 8:58; 8:57; 8:34 1:11:34 total for 8 miles; 8:57 per mile pace.

A Great (Gr8)run today on the linear trail. The weather was perfect for a March 14 day in Connecticut. There was barely a breeze, and the temperature was 52 degrees. I decided that since I'm planning on running in a 10 mile race in 3 weeks, that it was time to attempt an 8 miler as I'm still working my way back to longer distances. Yesterday I went out after bowling with my co-workers to Happy Hour, consumed too much beer, and sleep for 11 hours instead of my usual 6 1/2 hours. So I was more tired than usual.I chose to "cheat" before running, and stopped, bought and guzzled a 16 oz. Monster Low Carb energy drink before I ran. To be kinder on my legs and heel, I chose to run the Farmington Canal Linear Park (a.k.a. the linear trail). It was fairly crowded, as is usual for a Saturday afternoon. Fortunately I avoided the few mine fields (dog poop)I encountered as I was running. Surprisingly, I didn't see roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady today. I don't have any words of wisdom or fantastic moments from today's run. I can say that I ran pain free (yes, my heel survived my last 7 mile run), had good breathing, and was very happy with my split times. I'm guessing that my mile 4 and 5 split times are higher due to me turning around at mile 4 on the trail and heading back. The fact that I averaged just under 9 minute mile pace on the trail for 8 miles thrills me. I'm ahead of the game as far as running the 10 miler in 3 weeks. As usual, I have to not be stupid and push myself too much, which I probably already am. It's difficult not to when my right knee no longer hurts, and my left heel also is feeling good. Tomorrow I'm running on the road, probably a long, slower paced 7 or 8 miler. For now, life is good for Marathonman101108. By the way, I greatly appreciate the comments from everyone. It's nice to have your support and words of wisdom.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lucky 7 (Miles)

50 degrees; splits 8:54; 8:50; 8:59; 9:20; 9:12; 9:26; 8:56 1:03:37 total for 7 miles; 9:05 per mile pace.

Another random run on the road and the Farmington Canal Linear Park (a.k.a. the linear trail). Once again I parked at the trail, and ran wherever my legs took me. I somehow managed to plan it well enough so that I arrived at the trail at mile 5 1/2. So once again my last 1 1/2 miles were run on the trail. Why 7 miles you might ask? Well, I'm getting bolder, or dumber, depending on how you look at it. I'm increasing my mileage with the goal of running the Ten Penny 10 Miler on April 5th. That's 25 days from today. My extra motivation to run it is that my 26 year old daughter wants to run it with me. I love my daughter, both as a daughter, and as a running partner. Long story short, I couldn't ask for a better daughter. Anyhow, I'm thinking that if I increase my runs by a mile per run per week, while taking it easy and only running 3 days a week as I am now, then it's a reachable goal. I'm also thinking that my achy toes that feel as if they want to sprout a bunch of blisters better respond favorably to the gobs of Vaseline I put on them. The tingly sensation in the side of my left foot might be a cause for concern also. I guess I should relax now and keep my fingers crossed....time for "Ice Ice Baby."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Great Day For a Run

62 degrees; splits 8:54; 8:40; 9:10; 8:31; 8:45; 8:34; 52:34 total for 6 miles; 8:45 per mile pace.

I made a deal with myself today. The deal was that I would drive to the Farmington Canal Linear Park, park, and run 3 1/2 miles on the road, and run the last 1 1/2 miles of my planned 5 mile run on the trail. Once again we had an unusually warm day, so shorts and a t-shirt were the proper attire. I chose to run on whatever roads looked appealing, and kept an eye on my Garmin Forerunner 305 so that my 3 1/2 mile point would be at the trail. That's the advantage of the Forerunner. I no longer have to plan ahead what route I'm running. I enjoyed running through neighborhoods that I had never seen before. People were out washing their cars, and children were out playing games and riding their bikes. I even passed by several runners. You certainly can't beat a freakish 62 degree day on March 8th. I felt pretty good during my street running, and as a result I kept exploring different streets. Fortunately I knew my way around, and at one point I ran part of another road course I have. As I passed mile 3, I started to realize that I wasn't going to be anywhere near the linear trail by mile 3 1/2 unless I circled back. I decided to push myself instead, and see if I could do a 6 mile run. Still feeling well, and adventurous, I incorporated a challenging hill into my run. It was more of a struggle than I had hoped, meaning I was sucking in wind, but I conquered it. A few more detours onto side streets, and I reached the 1 1/2 mile part of the linear trail at 4 1/2 miles...a perfect way to end a 6 mile run, since it is mostly flat. I started feeling like I had "lead legs" with about a mile and a quarter to go. However, lead legs or not, I was going to look good and strong to all the people on the trail! They would never know how tired I was really feeling as long as I was smiling, not making loud breathing noises,(Side note: Don't you HATE it when you're running in a race, and some guy near you is grunting loudly?!) and showing my "studly" running form(Not). Well, my psychological mumbo-jumbo worked, since my last mile was also my fastest mile. Yeah I know, it was run on a paved trail and not on the road, but so what?!! Overall, I'm excited about my overall time and distance. Maybe I WILL be able to run in the 10 mile race in 4 weeks. If so, my daughter will run with me and also enjoy the beer that will be a part of the post race party. I'm thinking the beer will help motivate me in my training this next month...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Great Day For a Run

Run Stats: Farmington Canal Linear Park; 61 degrees; 5 miles; 42:28; 8:37 per mile pace. Mile 1: 8:40, mile 2: 8:42, mile 3: 8:38, mile 4: 8:38, mile 5: 8:30.

I woke up this morning with pain on the top of my right foot. Interesting, since all my pain has been in my left foot up until today. I strained my brain for a few minutes trying to come up with a logical explanation. I hadn't run since Wednesday, and the most strenuous activity I had done was yoga yesterday. Suddenly I remembered how I had sat rather awkwardly on my right foot when we first began the yoga. So I went to our freezer, grabbed an ice pack, put it on top of my foot, and hoped for the best. As I sat with my new best friend "Ice," I started stressing about my pain. What if the pain doesn't go away? Then my goal of running 5 miles in 60 degree temperature wearing shorts on an unusually mild March 7 day in CT would not happen. Even worse, I was thinking, would be the pain lingering for days, and then having to go back to the podiatrist, who of course would want to inject my foot with the extremely painful cortisone shot. 30 minutes later, my fears and foot pain were GONE! My BFF ice pack had done the trick. I was going to be able to go for a 5 miler. Fast forward 4 1/2 hours, and I'm at the overly crowded linear trail. I was happy to see that there were families, roller bladers, people walking their dogs, and walkers all taking advantage of the 61 degree day. As I began my run, I could feel a huge grin forming on my face. It is March 7th, and I was running wearing summer gear. I took in the sights and smells of the trail, waved to every child I passed, and "grooved" to my 70's tunes. I decided that I had to run 5 miles, even though today was supposed to be my last 4 mile run. I passed mile 1 at 8:40, and was a little concerned that I was running too fast, and told myself that I should slow down. Mile 2 was passed in 17:22, or an 8:42 second mile. I had slowed down, but only by 2 seconds. It always takes me a mile or two to loosen up, and today was no exception. Mile two to three felt great, and I decided to allow myself to continue running with my goofy grin and at whatever pace my legs wanted to run. I was running as comfortably as I used to before I injured my heel. Why mess with a good thing?! MIle three was at an 8:38 pace, as was mile 4. I was surprised at how consistent my per mile pace was. The last mile I felt as if I was struggling, but somehow I ran it in 8 1/2 minutes. Overall, my best run since I injured my heel. I'm heading back to the road tomorrow for what's supposed to be another chance to wear shorts as the high temperature is supposed to be 63 degrees. Maybe I can talk my daughter into running with me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yoga -Yoga -Yoga!

Well, today was the day, that at age 52, I tried yoga. A parent of one of the students at the school I work at volunteered to run a yoga class for us. For me, it was a win-win situation. Early dismissal workshops are generally boring and a waste of time. This was the opportunity to avoid a workshop, plus learn about yoga and see if it works for me. Well, yoga kicks ass! I can't remember ever feeling that good. A co-worker asked me if it was the same as a runner's high. It isn't. A runner's high for me generally is an adrenaline rush that lasts for an hour or two afterward. I tend to become my normal loud and full of energy self. Not a bad thing, but also I can sometimes be TOO loud and full of energy, and I'm sure annoying to the non-runners around me. When I was finished with yoga, I felt as if I was floating. I was very relaxed and calm, and felt so care free. I was walking around with a goofy smile on my face. Needless to say, I will be looking into signing up for a yoga class. Any other "yogaholics" out there??

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Short Posting By a Tall Runner

Temperature: 31 degrees; splits 9:19; 9:18; 9:03; 8:34; 36:14 total for 4 miles; 9:03 per mile pace.

Due to a lack of time, (I love working part time at Weight Watchers) plus wanting more of a challenge, I chose to do a 4 mile road run close to home. Today was the first time I ran wherever I wanted to run, and allowed my Garmin to track the distance. I no longer have to rely on mapmyrun.com to create a route. Life is good! Well, my road runs are still not up to my expectations, but since I've only been able to run twice in the last 8 weeks on the road I guess I should cut myself some slack. The important thing is I'm still kicking ass on the uphills, am not short of breath, am enjoying myself more, and most importantly 12 hours later my heel and foot are great. I'm thinking, however, that running a 5K race on March 15 may not be a good idea. Although the post race beer and corn beef and cabbage taste great, the competitor in me might make myself run faster than I should, and if so re injure my heel. Warmer weather will soon be here (I hope) and I need to make sure I'm healthy and at my best for the longer distance races.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday's Run

Yesterday's Run Stats: Farmington Canal Linear Park; 27 degrees; 4 miles; 34:28; 8:37 per mile pace. Mile 1: 8:40, mile 2: 8:41, mile 3: 8:40, mile 4: 8:27.

I didn't want to run yesterday, and I had (one)legitimate reason(s) not to. It was only 27 degrees, with a "feels like" windchill of 20 degrees. My podiatrist doesn't want me running outside when it's below 35 degrees. It had snowed and was still snowing, and even though it was just a "dusting" of snow, I knew the trail would have puddles and snow covered bridges. Could I convince myself that it would be hazardous running conditions? Well, not really! My legs were a little sore from the previous days run. I had pushed myself, so I was thinking that maybe I should rest and recuperate. I was also thinking that I was full of it, and that the nor'easter that is outside as I type this today will prevent me from running for a while and provide time to rest my legs, which by the way are fine now. I told myself that I would stop at the local gas station/convenience store, buy a totally unhealthy "Monster" lo carb energy drink to get a pre-run buzz, and then run a nice and easy 4 miler at the trail. However, my brain reminded my hands that should they steer my car into the store, and should I consume the 16 oz.energy drink prior to my run, that bladder would not be happy about halfway through my run. Fortunately my hands listened to my brain and drove my car straight to the trail. Arriving at the trail, I was disappointed that roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady wasn't there. The trail was wet, the bridges were slightly covered in snow, and my strategy still was to run a steady (9 minute mile pace)and effortless 4 miler. Starting out, I felt as if I had drank the energy drink. My legs were "flying," and it felt as if I had someone pushing me. About a half mile into my run, the meteorologist in me realized that the "pushing" was the wind aiding my run. As is usual for this time of year, it was blowing from the north, meaning I would have to run into it after my 2 mile turnaround on the trail. I passed mile one at 8:40, and although it was faster than I had planned, I decided to see if I could keep it up. I reached the mile 2, turnaround point, at 16:41. I was amazed. Not only did I have 2 nearly identical mile splits, but I was running comfortably. Of course, as expected, I now was running into a 10 mph chilly wind. But I wasn't about to let it slow me down. I was a runner, and a runner doesn't allow mother nature to kick his ass! I leaned forward, and kept pushing it. I did feel as if I was slowing down, and expected the worst at mile 3. My Garmin beeped as I hit mile 3, and I looked at it and saw "Lap 3 8:40." WOW!! I was psyched. One mile to go, and I wanted to push myself even further. At that point I went through my mental checklist of how I was feeling: Sweaty...check. Comfortable breathing...check. legs moving properly...check. arms at proper height and movement...check. Left heel and foot feeling good....ummmm, kind of. My left heel was feeling good, but my instep where I received my cortisone injection on January 15 was telling me to be sensible. So sensible thinking won, although somehow my last mile was run 13 seconds faster. However, as of now everything appears to be well. I've also realized that the pain I used to have in my right knee no longer exists. It's been gone for about as long as my heel pain has. Maybe while my heel was injured I was overcompensating for it, and that also affected my knee. Who knows? All I know is that slowly but surely I'm increasing my miles per run, and decreasing my time.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Will The 3rd Time Be The Charm?!

We have received your application for the
ING New York City Marathon 2009

My third, and final attempt to be accepted for the New York City Marathon. If I'm not chosen this year, I get guaranteed entry in 2010, due to their 3 strikes rule!!

Hooray, it's March 1st!

I'm extremely happy about it being March 1st. Why? First, I get to take my heel cup out of my shoes. Second, I don't have to sleep with the night splint on my foot. Third, I can increase my miles per run, and decrease the time it takes me. Fourth, supposedly we're closer to it being spring here in CT, although we're supposed to get a Nor'easter tonight and a foot of snow! Fifth, a week from today we put our clocks ahead an hour, meaning sunset will be around 7 p.m. Sixth, my wife's an accountant, and March means she's that much closer to April 15th and not working 7 days a week.