Friday, November 21, 2008

Humphrey's, Fratelli's, and McDonalds Oh My!

"They say it's your birthday, We're gonna have a good time, I'm glad it's your birthday, Happy birthday to you" The Beatles: Birthday

Well, once again I went overboard with the eating and drinking. Yesterday was fun, but insane. A co-worker of mine, Pam, turned 49 yesterday. Her husband passed away recently, and she wanted her co-workers, meaning me and about 20 others who attended, to celebrate with her. Celebrate I/we did. I got a head start at Humphrey's with Carissa, my "Bar Buddy," and "Jamba Jane." Jane's nickname comes from several of us going to New York City several months ago to attend a taping of the Letterman show. Jane was feeling no pain after consuming I don't know how many drinks. She decided that Jumba Juice had a fun name, so she in her intoxicated state of mind was walking around NYC shouting out "Jamba." She even had her picture taken at a few Jamba Juice locations. Strange, but true. So after 3 Sam Adams' at Humphrey's (thank-you bar babe bartender Alisha), we three headed for Fratelli's Restaurant, which fortunately was a mile away. Oh, it's also located 3 doors away from Weight Watchers. I almost went to Weight Watchers to say "Hi," but thought better of it since a) I was "buzzed," b) I didn't know who was working, and c) I figured I'd say and/or do something stupid like step on the scale and shout out something like "Dammit, I shouldn't have gone to Humphrey's and drank 3 beers and eaten two freakin' pails full of their delicious chips before I came here." I almost forgot how I nearly peed my pants when Jamba kept getting phone calls at Humphrey's, and was telling whoever called that she was stuck in traffic, then was getting gas, then was on her way. All this while sitting at the bar. OK, it doesn't seem so funny as I read this, but it WAS funny if you were there. Trust me. Anyhow, at Fratelli's Jamba kept flirting with whatever guy at the bar would buy her a drink. I think she drank for free the entire night. Carissa was standing, kind of, at the opposite end of the room. The more she drank, the more she swayed. I can compare it to palm trees swaying in the breeze. I was getting dizzy just looking at her. I for whatever reason became a "food mooch." I never do that, but I guess since I couldn't flirt and get free drinks like Jamba, I needed a challenge myself. As a food mooch, I was able to get pizza, bread, and even a free drink from a co-worker. So I spent $3.75, and fed myself and drank 2 beers (Coors Light this time). Since I knew I had to get up this morning at 4 a.m., I said my "Good-byes" at 7:30 and headed for home. Drinking 5 beers and eating chips, bread, and pizza had clouded my judgement too much. Then it car started heading in a different direction then it should have to get home. I found myself at the drive-through window of, you guessed it from reading a previous blog, McDonald's. I was at Mickey D's, ordering a double cheeseburger and two regular fries. Here I was already stuffed, yet I ordered MORE food. So the drive home consisted of me steering with my left hand, and stuffing french fries and the cheeseburger down my throat with my right hand, Like always, I neglected to order anything to drink, so I ended up with an overstuffed gut, and some wicked and loud hiccups from eating too much, too fast. I'm not sure if I left any "floor food." I'll have to look tomorrow. Overall, it was a fun time, but my Thursday morning weight of 178.8 (down 4.7 lbs. from 11/3) will surely rise during the upcoming days. Hence, since I didn't run today (went to look at a 27 lb. cat at the animal shelter), I certainly will be running this some longer distances this weekend in the sub-freezing temperatures.

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