Sunday, February 8, 2009

Too Fast, Too Far, Too Bad!

An absolutely beautiful day to run. The temperature was 52 degrees, and had it not been so windy, I would have run wearing shorts. Today I was back at the Cheshire Linear Trail, which actually is called the Farmington Canal Linear Park. I don't know why I haven't been calling it that. There's a great website, for anyone interested in knowing its history. It felt great to be running for my third day in a row, and an 11 minute mile pace just was not going to happen. So I ran at what felt to be a comfortable pace, which ended up being a 9:59 per mile pace. I also decided to go the extra half mile, and ran 2 miles. You just don't get many 52 degree days in February in CT, so I took advantage of it. Total time: 19:58. I'm taking tomorrow off and seeing how I feel on Tuesday. So far, so good on my slow road to recovery.

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