Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Up to 3 Miles

Today's Run Stats: Farmington Canal Linear Park; 40 degrees; 3 miles; 30:07; 10:02 per mile pace.Mile 1: 10:00, mile 2: 10:13, mile 3: 9:53. I love my Garmin Forerunner 305!

OK, I felt like a real runner again. True, it was only 3 miles, but it's progress. Still no pain, so that's a gain! My stride was better, since I've decided to take a chance by disregarding the 11 minute per mile pace my podiatrist wants me to run, and instead focus on running a slower than normal, don't push myself, comfortable pace. By running a 10 minute mile pace, I'm not off stride and in my opinion not causing further harm to myself. I'm off from work this week, so I'm looking forward to running one or two extra days this week, providing my left heel continues to cooperate. I may even have a running buddy for one of my runs, which would be cool. I just have to remind myself to take it easy. I still am hoping to run a 5K race in a month as a short term goal, and a half marathon in 4 months as my long term goal. Tomorrow I'm going to take a look at a yoga dvd that my daughter, yoga, yoga!

1 comment:

Anais said...

Isn't it great, with DVDs, you can try out pretty much any class! Anyways I'm sure you'll love it!

It's great that you have no pain! I used to get incredibly awful shin splints, but they seem nowhere in sight *knock on wood*. Good luck tomorrow!