Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Smokin'" in the Rain!

Today's Run Stats: Farmington Canal Linear Park; 41 degrees; 3 miles; 25:46; 8:35 per mile pace. Mile 1: 8:45, mile 2: 8:50, mile 3: 8:11.

A rainy day, but I didn't care. It was just a soaking wet me being entertained by the pouring rain and the sound of my breathing. It felt like old times again, especially the last mile time of 8:11. Damn, I still DO have it. I haven't lost my "mojo" after all. I ran as fast and as comfortable a pace as my legs and heel would allow me to. So far, 2 hours later, all is well. I'm hoping that I still feel this good when I wake up tomorrow. Hey, maybe running a half marathon 6 weeks from today is a possibility. Tomorrow I will not run. I do have to take it easy and not overdo it too much. Life as a runner is good...

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Anais said...

I am sorry to hear about your can't be easy for anyone, I'm sure. Is that how you got into running? Completing a marathon seems nowhere near possible for me right now, but if I could do one for cystic fibrosis, I think it would definitely push me!

And I didn't know it was physically possible to chew gum while running! I'm pretty sure I would choke!