Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today I Was (Finally) a Runner

Run time temperature was 40 degrees, or warm enough for me to run. So after my morning "bitch session," I went to the linear trail and ran 1.51 miles, according to my Garmin, which yes, I did figure out how to use. My time was 16:14, or a 10:46 per mile pace. Close enough to the recommended 11 minute per mile pace. I decided that I already love my Garmin. What a fantastic "toy" it is. By the way, I wouldn't have even come close to earning some "bling" in the Run For Refugees. I checked the results, and even if I ran a personal best 5K time, it wouldn't have mattered. What's most important right now is that I'm pain free, and feeling much better. It was great to be able to run again, and I was ok with the slower than usual pace. I still have 47 days until the start of spring and warmer running weather, so life is good. If you don't know the importance of warmer weather and me running, go back and read my January 15 post.

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Stephanie said...

Good for you! See, going slow isn't that bad. I am glad you were pain free. That rocks!