Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the Road Again

36 degrees; splits 8:57; 9:08; 8:38; 26:43 total for 3 miles; 8:54 per mile pace.

I decided the time had come to run a 3 miler on the road. It had been 47 long days since I last challenged myself by running on the road. I'm officially bored running the Farmington Canal Park trail, or any trail for that matter. I felt the need to once again dodge cars and trucks and inhale their exhaust fumes. It was time to take the next step(s) towards preparing for this years road races. I was only 5 days ahead of my podiatrist's recommended "return to the road" running schedule, so I felt I was justified in going for it.
To steal an old Jackie Gleason term, "How sweet it is." My apprehension about "pounding the pavement" is officially GONE! I'm finishing this blog 12 hours after completing my run, and my heel, feet, and legs feel great. I'm more than satisfied with my splits, and my overall time. It is and was an important and gratifying moment in my "comeback." Plus, I experienced an excellent runner's high for several hours afterward, like the good 'ol days. I'm giving myself the next two days off to recuperate, just to be safe. I'm encouraged that I will be able to increase my mileage enough and run in the upcoming races that I have tentatively scheduled. Life is good for Marathonman101108! P.S. Check out the latest "song" that motivates me while I'm running!!


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!! you must be so psyched. Just in time for some more winter weather too...oh well spring has to be there somewhere?

Anais said...

That's amazing!! I wish I could run that well! :P

If I tried to run outside, I would probably be on my ass pretty quickly, seeing as how everything is covered in ice!