Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday's Run

Yesterday's Run Stats: Farmington Canal Linear Park; 27 degrees; 4 miles; 34:28; 8:37 per mile pace. Mile 1: 8:40, mile 2: 8:41, mile 3: 8:40, mile 4: 8:27.

I didn't want to run yesterday, and I had (one)legitimate reason(s) not to. It was only 27 degrees, with a "feels like" windchill of 20 degrees. My podiatrist doesn't want me running outside when it's below 35 degrees. It had snowed and was still snowing, and even though it was just a "dusting" of snow, I knew the trail would have puddles and snow covered bridges. Could I convince myself that it would be hazardous running conditions? Well, not really! My legs were a little sore from the previous days run. I had pushed myself, so I was thinking that maybe I should rest and recuperate. I was also thinking that I was full of it, and that the nor'easter that is outside as I type this today will prevent me from running for a while and provide time to rest my legs, which by the way are fine now. I told myself that I would stop at the local gas station/convenience store, buy a totally unhealthy "Monster" lo carb energy drink to get a pre-run buzz, and then run a nice and easy 4 miler at the trail. However, my brain reminded my hands that should they steer my car into the store, and should I consume the 16 drink prior to my run, that bladder would not be happy about halfway through my run. Fortunately my hands listened to my brain and drove my car straight to the trail. Arriving at the trail, I was disappointed that roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady wasn't there. The trail was wet, the bridges were slightly covered in snow, and my strategy still was to run a steady (9 minute mile pace)and effortless 4 miler. Starting out, I felt as if I had drank the energy drink. My legs were "flying," and it felt as if I had someone pushing me. About a half mile into my run, the meteorologist in me realized that the "pushing" was the wind aiding my run. As is usual for this time of year, it was blowing from the north, meaning I would have to run into it after my 2 mile turnaround on the trail. I passed mile one at 8:40, and although it was faster than I had planned, I decided to see if I could keep it up. I reached the mile 2, turnaround point, at 16:41. I was amazed. Not only did I have 2 nearly identical mile splits, but I was running comfortably. Of course, as expected, I now was running into a 10 mph chilly wind. But I wasn't about to let it slow me down. I was a runner, and a runner doesn't allow mother nature to kick his ass! I leaned forward, and kept pushing it. I did feel as if I was slowing down, and expected the worst at mile 3. My Garmin beeped as I hit mile 3, and I looked at it and saw "Lap 3 8:40." WOW!! I was psyched. One mile to go, and I wanted to push myself even further. At that point I went through my mental checklist of how I was feeling: Sweaty...check. Comfortable breathing...check. legs moving properly...check. arms at proper height and movement...check. Left heel and foot feeling good....ummmm, kind of. My left heel was feeling good, but my instep where I received my cortisone injection on January 15 was telling me to be sensible. So sensible thinking won, although somehow my last mile was run 13 seconds faster. However, as of now everything appears to be well. I've also realized that the pain I used to have in my right knee no longer exists. It's been gone for about as long as my heel pain has. Maybe while my heel was injured I was overcompensating for it, and that also affected my knee. Who knows? All I know is that slowly but surely I'm increasing my miles per run, and decreasing my time.

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Irish Cream said...

Great run!! I am quite a wimp when it comes to mother nature, so I am always quite impressed with people who fight her and come out on top! Keep up the good work (buy take it easy on that foot!) :)