Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dust off the Spider Webs, Get on the Bike

Common sense prevailed today. My left heel and instep are just waiting for me to run too soon and too fast. They have been giving me daily friendly reminders of pain whenever I turn the wrong way, or put too much pressure on them. So, today I decided to reunite myself with my old friend, "Raleigh." Raleigh, my 18 speed bike, has been hanging out in my shed. Raleigh's been lonely the past 2 1/2 years, as I'd abandoned him for Asics, my running shoes. Poor Raleigh was looking kind of flat, so I "pumped him up." I put on my "tool helmet," as my wife and kids call my biking helmet, set my Garmin for biking, and off I went. It was cold, 44 degrees, and windy, but I was dressed in my running attire. Of course my tool helmet did absolutely nothing to keep my ears warm. I settled into a comfortable riding pace, and figured I would see how far I could ride in 45 minutes. Shortly into my ride, I started to remember how much fun (and painless)riding a bike was. Heck, I could ride wherever I wanted, as fast or as slow as I wanted, and didn't feel the pressure of stressing about split times or whether or not I would experience pain. It was like....like being a kid again. My 45 minute ride turned into a one hour, one minute, and 12 seconds ride. Overall, I covered 11.73 miles, and averaged 11.5 mph. Not bad for a riding novice. Maybe the 25 mile bike ride I signed up for to benefit MS on June 7th will be easier to complete than last year. Maybe I can beat my 2 hours and 10 minutes time, Maybe I can build up enough calluses on my ass between now and then so it doesn't hurt so bad this year! Somehow a 52 year old man wearing spandex riding shorts with built in ass protection just doesn't seem right. Yup, I was walking like a cowboy after last year's ride. In response to Anais' comment, yes, I do have a super duper padded gel seat! Perhaps riding my bike and giving my foot and body a break from running will work out. That is, until warmer weather comes and the 5K and half marathon races arrive. After that, who knows? Addendum: Wednesday's bike ride stats: 7.21 miles; 32:43; 13.2 average mph.


Anonymous said...

Yay! sounds like fun. It'll be time for me to get the hybrid out soon.

Anais said...

Such a good idea!!! I have a feeling my bike will be making an appearance soon too!!! (Although it would appear we'll be having rain every day for the next week or so here :( ).

Have you thought about getting a padded bike seat? It's helped me a lot I find - coz it REALLY used to hurt quiiiite a bit before!

I wish I had heard about the Garmin thing you have before...It seems really cool (the fact that you can use it for biking too??? Genius!!) but now I feel like I'm committed to my Nike+, which isn't bad either but...yeah. I guess I'm stuck for a while ;)

Irish Cream said...

This post really makes me want to get a bike and go riding! I haven't been biking outside in YEARS. Glad you got to get outside and get a workout in, even if it didn't happen to be running. I'm sure Raleigh appreciated it!! :)

lindsay said...

glad you gave your foot a rest, hope it is making it up to you!!