Sunday, March 1, 2009

Will The 3rd Time Be The Charm?!

We have received your application for the
ING New York City Marathon 2009

My third, and final attempt to be accepted for the New York City Marathon. If I'm not chosen this year, I get guaranteed entry in 2010, due to their 3 strikes rule!!


Anais said...

This is so exciting!!! It means that by 2 years from now you WILL have run the NYC marathon! One day I'd like to do that one, or the Boston marathon (I have such high goals, lol). And about WW, I did try it, and it did help, but only so much...I'd actually like to think that I know a lot about nutrition, so it was not "interesting" enough for me...But I have been putting what I learnt there into my diet :)

lindsay said...

i hope you win the ing-nyc lottery! or even a regular lottery. i think i could settle for that :)