Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Short Posting By a Tall Runner

Temperature: 31 degrees; splits 9:19; 9:18; 9:03; 8:34; 36:14 total for 4 miles; 9:03 per mile pace.

Due to a lack of time, (I love working part time at Weight Watchers) plus wanting more of a challenge, I chose to do a 4 mile road run close to home. Today was the first time I ran wherever I wanted to run, and allowed my Garmin to track the distance. I no longer have to rely on to create a route. Life is good! Well, my road runs are still not up to my expectations, but since I've only been able to run twice in the last 8 weeks on the road I guess I should cut myself some slack. The important thing is I'm still kicking ass on the uphills, am not short of breath, am enjoying myself more, and most importantly 12 hours later my heel and foot are great. I'm thinking, however, that running a 5K race on March 15 may not be a good idea. Although the post race beer and corn beef and cabbage taste great, the competitor in me might make myself run faster than I should, and if so re injure my heel. Warmer weather will soon be here (I hope) and I need to make sure I'm healthy and at my best for the longer distance races.


Irish Cream said...

Ooooh, corned beef, cabbage & beer? I don't think I would be able to resist that race! But I also agree that if you're going to feel tempted to push it (I get that--I would too, honestly), it might be a good idea to pass on racing until your foot/heel are feeling better. Great job on the run, though!

lindsay said...

i am glad you re-commented on my page because for some reason i lost yours... sorry! now i have some catching up to do!

i know what you mean about being unable to 'just run' a race. it's definitely hard to not give it your all! hope you either figure out how to do that, or give yourself the day off.