Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's Baaaaaack!

Linear Trail: Temperature: 78 degrees; Splits 8:16; 8:31; 8:29; 9:04; :28; 34:48 total for 4.06 miles; 8:34 per mile pace.

(Originally posted by me on February 21): I need to start by talking about roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady. Somehow, someway, no matter what time I run, I manage to see her once or twice a week on the trail. She kind of looks like a skinnier version of Big Bird on roller blades. Maybe I'm thinking that because she drives the brightest yellow car I have ever seen. She's tall, VERY tall on roller blades, and roller blades along, swaying from side to side, and does a disco dance by repeatedly rotating her arms forward as she skates. Plus, she always seems to forget that I can actually hear her singing as she zips by. Funny thing is, I never recognize what she's singing. Probably because I'm too busy laughing and trying to get out of her way. So, once again roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, big bird looking, linear trail lady, thanks for putting a smile on my face, and not running me over.
OK, that being said, I'm psyched! This old man usually runs every other day, but I decided to go for 2 days of running in a row, just to see if I could do it. Well, I did it! After a week off for illness, I feel as if I'm moving along just fine, thank-you! I began with 6 Acceleration Gliders (AG from now on), followed by 4.06 miles at my marathon pace goal of 8:40 per mile. I have to admit I was concerned whether or not an 8:40 pace was going to happen. After the AG, I was feeling warmed up and ready to go. I had no idea how fast to run, so I focused on my Galloway recommended form and stride. Around the half mile mark I saw "roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady." I haven't seen her in at least a month. Mile 1, my Garmin beeped, and to my surprise it showed an 8:16 mile. Sweet! At least I knew I could back off a little for mile 2. Still feeling strong, I hit mile 2 at an 8:31 split, and followed that with an 8:29 mile 3 split. I decided to walk for a minute after mile 3, just to see if I could run-walk my last mile in my marathon mile goal pace of 9:09. I completed the last mile in 9:04. Double sweet! Overall, a great day, starting with my 6 AG to warm me up, entertainment courtesy of "roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady," and my split times better than my goal for the run. I'm taking tomorrow off from running. I've earned it, and my "steroid" lawn needs my attention.


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Good job on the double run and the great times!

That roller blade lady sounds wicked! Oh, to have the guts to sing out loud to your i-pod while exercising... we all feel like doing it, surely?

Lisa said...

Hee hee, maybe she likes you :) Nice job on running two days in a row.

Rookie on the Run said...

Here, in California, Disco-Dancing Big Birds on roller-blades (or something similar to that) are a common sight. We call them "crazy". And if they live in La Jolla, we call them "eccentric". Regardless, so long as they are harmless, they make me smile, too.

Several years ago, I lived closer to downtown San Diego. There was this man who looked a lot like Santa Claus who would ride his bike around during rush hour dressed in a pink bunny rabbit costume. He would smile and wave at people as he rode. He would do this everyday for at least a couple years. One day he stopped riding and waving. I never found out what happened to him. I missed seeing him on my way to work in the morning.

Great job on your running! I'm glad you're feeling better and that you have been able to run! :D

Anais said...

Yay!!! Good job!! You know what, I don't think Ican run 2 days in a row...the last time I tried it I had to ice my legs for 40 min. and walk most of double good job! :)

And thank you for the compliment ;) There was no need to worry lol!

lindsay said...

nice job on the run! too funny about the crazy lady. maybe you should see if she'll run with you every now and then for extra motivation.