Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Week Down, 25 Weeks To Go

Thursday's Run: 2 miles; 16:51 (8:25/M)
Today's Run: Temperature: 62 degrees; splits 8:36; 8:40; 8:30; 25:46 total for 3 miles; 8:35 per mile pace.

Where do I begin? It's been a very challenging week, with my son being sick since last Saturday. Anytime he's not feeling well is a cause for concern, since he has Muscular Dystrophy. Well, 2 trips to the doctor, some medication, LOTS of albuterol breathing treatments, and he's doing better. He still isn't feeling 100%, but the important thing is his appetite's back, as is his sense of humor, which indicates he's feeling better. Yesterday what he has hit me HARD. I came home from work, took a three hour nap, and then slept for another 8 hours last night. When I put on my running clothes today, my wife thought I had lost my mind. I explained to her that since I was feeling better, and it was a beautiful day, that I was going to attempt a run. I knew I only had to complete 6 "Acceleration-Gliders" plus run 3 miles at as close to my pre-determined marathon goal pace of 8:40 per mile. Perhaps I should explain...After reading Jeff Galloway's "Marathon" book repeatedly, I finally have figured out my marathon training schedule. My goal is to run a 4 hour marathon. I have printed out individual calendar months for the next six months, and written my scheduled days training on each day. Yes, I'm anal, but I need the calendar visual. Every Sunday is called "The Long Ones." That is the most intense running day. At the beginning of training, there is hill training, or "Hill Play" as Jeff calls it. There's also "Speed Play" and mile repeats. The Long Ones will eventually involve some VERY long runs. But, you run the "long ones" at least 2 minutes slower than your normal pace. By the end of week 23, if all goes well, I will have completed a 28 mile Run-walk-run. Run-walk-run means that you run a certain distance, say a mile, then walk for a period of time, say a minute, then run a mile, walk a minute, etc. The longer the scheduled running distance, the sooner you take a walk break. Monday's and Thursdays are the optional cross training days, where I can ride my bike, swim (not!), run in the water, or use an exercise machine such as rowing or cross-country ski. Tuesday's runs are about 45 minutes at a pace of one minute slower than my marathon pace, meaning I need to average a 9:40 per mile pace. Wednesday's runs are around a half an hour at my marathon pace of 8:40 per mile, and Friday's runs are also at marathon pace, but for 45 minutes. As far as "Acceleration-Gliders," they are designed to help you improve your running form by using a relaxed and more upright body and legs, shorter and quicker strides, and an overall more efficient marathon running form.
Now that I've lost everybody, I will say that with this training program, I look forward to my runs. Today's run felt effortless, as did Thursday's. I am actually averaging better than the 8:40 per mile pace so far, and I'm doing so without really pushing myself. I realize that it's only been a week, but I'm encouraged by the variety of training, and the walk breaks that will be worked in as I increase my mileage. Hopefully this training program will help me stay injury-free. P.S. Thank-you to everyone for giving me a list of 3 songs to listen to while I run. As soon as I can find the time, I will download all the songs everyone recommended. Of course I will be commenting on the songs in future posts. So, stay tuned! Thank-you also for the well wishes for my son. If I could, I'd give everyone a big hug.


Irish Cream said...

I'm so glad your son is feeling better--it must be such a relief! Also, can I just say that I am SO excited for your marathon training program--it is great that you are so looking forward to your runs! Ha, I also love that long runs are referred to as "The Long Ones". Hilarious!

lindsay said...

glad your son is feeling better! sounds like you have quite the plan for your fall marathon, but it sounds like a good one. (i did get a little lost, but it's ok) glad the running is going well too!

Anais said...

I'm so relieved that your son is feeling better! It can't have been easy to motivate yourself to go out for that run, but the nice weather definitely helps when that happens (it's awful today's COLD!).

Your training plan sounds fun! I can see how it will keep things interesting ;)

I can't wait to see what you think of all the songs!

Lisa said...

Great news about your son. Sounds like you have quite the training plan mapped out. I'm looking forward to following your progress. Hopefully soon I'll be able to train too.

Lisa said...

I am glad to hear that your son is feeling better!

Wow. Your training schedule sounds great. You did a lot of work researching and planning. For me, a training schedule makes ALL the difference. Without it, I feel like my running has no purpose.