Saturday, May 30, 2009

GU Chomps, Hammer Products, and Carb BOOM!

Linear Trail: Temperature: 76 degrees; Splits 8:19; 8:29; 8:44; 8:33; 34:05 total for 4 miles; 8:31 per mile pace.

Today's goal: Run between 30 and 40 minutes at a pace of 8:40 per mile. Ran for 34:05 at a pace of 8:31 per mile. YES!!

Back to running on the Linear Trail, since I wanted an easy run before tomorrow's scheduled 9 miler. Before arriving there I stopped by the local bike shop, which I normally drive by on the way to the trail, with the intention of buying a few bags of GU Chomps. Normally I use the "Hammer Nutrition" products, but since I've run out and haven't reordered, I figured I'd try the GU Chomps. Before I go on, I've added a link to this blog for Hammer products. It's a "win-win" situation, since you save 15% off your first order, and I get a 25% credit in my account for whatever you order. Please use referral number 128750. Thanks in advance if you order! Anyhow, a lot of people whose blogs I read have been raving about the GU Chomps. I actually ordered a sixteen pack of them this morning from RoadRunner Sports (Thanks Lisa for recommending their website). According to GU's website, the bike shop has the GU Chomps. Wrong! So I figured I'd look through their selection of energy gels. It took me about 5 seconds...they had one Powerbar Gel, and several Carb BOOM gels. I decided on two Banana Peach Carb BOOM and one Strawberry Kiwi Carb BOOM gels. Total cost: $5.25. What a ripoff. I'm glad I bought my GU Chomps online. It probably would have cost me twice as much at the bike shop.
Prior to leaving home, I made sure I drank enough water so that I wouldn't "wilt" in the 76 degree temperature. 76 degrees felt like a heat wave compared to the temperatures we've had in the 50's this past week. Thanks Lindsay for reminding me of that this past Monday. I chose to leave my "tool belt" (my kids definition of a tool belt: I look like a "tool" when I wear my running belt with it's 2 water bottles)at home, mainly because it wasn't humid and I didn't want to carry the extra weight if I didn't have to. I downed one of the Banana Peach gels. It tasted good, and I know it's not possible, but about a minute later I felt like I had a sudden jolt of energy. I began by running 7 Accelaration Gliders, and afterwards I was feeling strong and quick. Perhaps the Carb BOOM was working?? I felt that I was going to have to "hold myself back" in order to run an 8:40 per mile pace for 4 miles. Sure enough, my Garmin beeped at mile one and showed an 8:19 mile. At that point, following my Jeff Galloway training plan, I slowed to a slow jog for about 1/10 of a mile, then took off for my second mile. I was wondering where everybody was, since the parking lot was filled, but the trail wasn't. I was disappointed that I hadn't seen roller blading, disco dancing, karaoke singing, linear trail lady. (See my May 20th post if you don't know who she is). I completed mile 2 in 8:29, meaning my attempt to slow down my pace was working. However, I was still 11 seconds too fast, but better too fast than too slow. I slow jogged and turned around and headed back towards the start. I resumed my regular pace, and was debating whether or not I should stop at the water fountain and drink. I decided not to since there were 3 people already on line. I was too anal at that point about my time to stop and wait, even though I felt thirsty and had the sun in front of me. "Lead leg syndrome" hit me shortly thereafter. I guess I should have stopped and waited to get a drink, or worn my tool belt. The Carb BOOM wasn't doing anything for me at this point, and the extras I bought were sitting in my car. I was scolding myself for not being smarter, and reminding myself to keep pushing on and move my legs faster. Garmin beeped after 3 miles, and it read an 8:44 split...4 seconds too slow. I was mad. I felt as if I had dogged it and let myself down. I reminded myself that I was training for a marathon. 26.2 grueling miles. 26.2 miles that I need to run at an 8:40 per mile pace along with one minute walk breaks. My pep talk worked. Mile 4 was an 8:33 split, so overall I ran a 34:05 for 4 miles, for an average pace of 8:31 per mile. Perhaps I was too hard on myself. The first two miles were 21 and 11 seconds quicker than I needed to run. Four seconds off for mile 3 wasn't the end of the world. I have to remind myself from now on that it's the overall pace per mile that really matters. So for 4 miles, I was 35 seconds faster than I needed to be. OK, so what's the problem?! I'm looking forward to the Fairfield Half Marathon 4 weeks from tomorrow. I want to see if I can master the run-walk-run training program well enough to break 2 hours and still feel as if I could have done it all over again when I complete the run. That will give me a better idea of whether or not a sub 4 hour marathon can be achieved by myself.


Anais said...

Those energy gels scare me a little, although I don't think I'm anywhere close to needing them right now :P I find that having an espresso gives me enough of a jolt of energy when I go on longer runs!

Btw, I think I forgot to congratulate you on your wedding anniversary!!!! So congrats! :D Hope you had lots of fun, and here's to another 28+ :)

lindsay said...

great run! i always seem to feel peppier after taking a gu, and the chomps are just plain delicious. i do always wonder if the lighter-leg feeling is just mental...