Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 Hours to Go

4 hours to go until the 5K race. I honestly thought I was done entering any more new 5K races. Well, the lure of a 12 noon race with a cool free t-shirt and commemorative shot glasses to the first 300 finishers won out. So did the "post race chips and salsa and tropical fruits at finish plus frozen (non-alcoholic) Margarita to all finishers." So now I'm stressing. I want to finish in 23:44 or better, which according to my Jeff Galloway book, is the 5K time I need to run a 4 hour marathon. Checking my past race results, that time used to be attainable for me. I'm not sure if it is right now. I ran my 5K course here this past week, and I finished at 25:52, which when I do the math is over 2 minutes slower. So now what should be a fun and relaxing 5K race for me has become a too serious "I need to finish in the top 300 and run in 23:44 or better." Time to remind myself that I have 6 months to improve on my 5K time. Time to remind myself to chill and if I don't get a shot glass, who cares? I won't use the damn thing anyhow! Although my co-worker Carissa would like it since she collects shot glasses. Reality check time. I'm going to go run, have FUN, do my best and not re-injure myself. Practice what I preach...time is only a number. I'm 52, able to run pain free again, and most importantly, since it's a new race, I should be able to finish in the top 300 and get a shot glass! (JK)


Anonymous said...

So excited to hear about the race. It sounded like a fun one... so HAVE FUN!

Anais said...

It's true, you should go out and enjoy yourself :)I love sprinting at the end of my runs, so who knows, maybe that will get you finishing at the time you're hoping for! Good luck!

lindsay said...

sounds like a fun race with the post-race treats! have fun and hope you get a shot glass :)