Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Not the best news from my podiatrist today. Yes, I can run again, if you call running an 11 minute per mile pace for 1 1/2 miles every other day for the next 2 weeks "running." I'm on a gradual running schedule to build myself back up to my longer runs by the spring. So, after two weeks, I can increase my mileage to 3 miles every other day at an 11 minute per mile pace. Then increase my mileage to 4 miles or so, at about a 9 1/2 to 10 minute per mile pace. You get the idea. Plus, I still have to wear my night splint, and my heel cup for the next month. My goal of running a half marathon again on April 5th is gone. I'm not even sure when I'll even be running a 5K race again. The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon will not happen on May 3rd. My new goal: Running a half marathon on June 28th. This sucks. PLEASE, fellow bloggers, appreciate your running even more. I will continue to be inspired by all of you as you continue to blog your race reports. By the way, congrats again, Lisa! You really kicked some half marathon ass!!


Lisa said...

Oh that sucks! My friend had an injury last year a few weeks before the marathon. She found a dr who committed (through physical therapy etc.) to get her to the marathon. Maybe you can find a more aggressive practitioner who is more supportive of running goals. I suppose the most important thing is the get healthy.

Thanks for the shout out!!

Marathonman101108 said...

My podiatrist knows a lot about runners and running. He said if I push it, I risk "popping it," which means a worse setback. I'm still thinking that I may be bad and run the half marathon in April. I'll see what happens the next 2 plus months.

Stephanie said...

I hope everything works out. You still have time before April, you never know what could happen. I say take it easy now and maybe you can do a marathon in April. Just don't set your sites on a PR.

Oh, I think an 11 minute mile sounds awesome, but I totally run slow. :) Good Luck in your healing.