Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank-You and My Price is Right Story

Today's Run: Linear Trail: 34 degrees. 4 miles; Splits: 8:39; 8:44; 8:41; 8:32; 34:36; 8:39 per mile average pace.

I had taken the past four days off for some R+R (Rest and Relaxation). Monday's run as I said in my post was a struggle and probably did more harm than good. So I had low expectations as I once again headed to the Farmington Canal Linear Trail for a 4 miler. I was hoping to average around a 9 minute per mile pace, but honestly was expecting more like a 9:15 per mile average pace. Even though it was only 34 degrees, the wind was calm so it felt warmer. (About two months from now is spring...sigh...) As usual, I was wearing my favorite very comfortable Nike running top, shorts, pants, and hat, a long sleeved tech shirt, and of course my running socks and shoes. At the last minute I decided to leave my gloves in my car, a decision I regretted for the first 1 1/2 miles. As I started running, I expected to feel the same WTF pain I described in Monday's post. I didn't, so immediately was off to a better than expected start. I felt comfortable and like I hadn't had a layoff, which was great. My stride felt well, and lead legs and cement shoes feeling were no where to be found. Wow, I was having fun and grooving listening to my combination 70's and current songs on my MP3 player. Mile 1 came rather easily, and still unnamed Garmin beeped and displayed an 8:39 mile. I did a double take. Sweet! I was way ahead of my expected per mile pace. My mile 1 split always indicates how well my run is going to go, so I knew I was going to have a good run today. Miles 1 to 2 felt good as well, and I was enjoying running on the trail with other runners and walkers. During the week this time of year I sometimes run alone on the trail. Mile 2 also seemed to come quickly, and it was a little slower, at 8:44. I was disappointed, since my goal is always to run negative splits. I slowed down at mile 2.03, quickly turned around and headed back. I was determined to run negative splits for the remaining two miles, but at the same time didn't want to push myself too hard due to just getting over my sinus infection and still not being 100%. Mile 3 came and was an 8:41, three seconds faster than mile two. One mile to go, and I was picking up the pace a little bit. At mile 3 1/2 I glanced at my watch, and determined that I was ahead of my mile 3 pace by a little bit. So I increased my speed, again, not too quickly. I completed the last mile in 8:32, which was far better than I had expected. So overall, I had negative splits for miles two through four, and averaged an 8:39 per mile pace. I felt as if I'm back to normal with my running, which is good since the New York City Half Marathon is eight weeks from tomorrow.
Today I received a special gift in the mail. Rachael of had a contest, and I was fortunate to win it despite having just one entry. I won an autographed copy of The Runner's Rule Book, by Mark Remy. Along with the book was a very nice card with a note from Rachael. If she gives me permission, I'll share with you what she wrote. Thank-you SO much Rachael for the great gift. As soon as I'm done writing my post, I'm going to read the book.
Also, I promised you a while back that I'd share my Price is Right Las Vegas adventure with you. Well, although it still pains me to talk/write about it, here goes. My wife Kathy and I were 2 of 125 people who signed up and paid the $50 each to be in audience of the Las Vegas version of it. It was taking place at Bally's, and is hosted by Todd Newton ("E! News Live," "Coming Attractions" and "Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck"). Dave Ruprecht, who hosted Supermarket Sweep in the '90's was the announcer. Well, for the final showcase showdown they chose two names at random, and I happened to be one of them. So some dude from Boston and I were up on the stage, in front of 123 other audience members, with a chance to win the showcase. Regular Price is Right rules applied, meaning if you overbid, you lose. There was a New England Patriots football, a New England Patriots jacket, a Heineken kegerator, an outdoor entertainment system with a movie projector and inflatable screen, a 4 day cruise for two to Mexico, and a Nissan Versa car. We had ten seconds to write down our bids. I quickly did the math in my head, figuring the football and jacket were about $50, the kegerator about $450, the entertainment system about $500, the cruise about $3000, and the car about $15,000; for a total of $19,000. To be safe, or so I thought, I bid $18,995. He bid $24,999. So if the actual retail price had been between $18,995 and $24,998, I would have won. Well, the actual retail price was only $15,000 something. We both overbid and lost. To this day if I hear the music from the Price is Right, or look at the home version that they give me, I get depressed. I'm getting better though. I guess time will heal me. Telling you guys and everyone I know about it has helped also. Not one person has told me they would have bid less than I did, so that helps. If you would have bid lower and won, I don't want to know, OK?!


Anais said...

Oh my... don't beat yourself up too much about the price being, well... wrong. It makes for a great story :D

Congrats on winning something!!! Gotta love when that happens ;)

I'm going to go finish my paper (barf) then I'm off to flooorida :D

Tricia said...

Great run!

Lisa said...

You always amaze me with your runs. You had a great one and I'm a little envious :)

Glad you got the book. I've read parts of it and it's pretty funny.

$15,000 for all that? How much is the car worth alone? Seems kinda off to me but whatever. At least you had fun right???

Anonymous said...

Permission granted! I've been told I have a way with words when it comes to cards (and blogs I guess) so understand that what I write is simply genius that comes from my master mind! Haha, I'm totally kidding.

You simply amaze me. I can't wait until I'm your age and I can smear my abilities in the faces of little newbies like me. Epic, that's what you are.

Lisa said...

Hi RIck,
Wanted to thank you for the Saturday dedication runs. Hopefully soon I will be running.

Glad you are enjoying the book Rachael sent you. It's pretty funny, although I haven't read all of it yet. Something only a runner could appreciate.

Meg said...

So fun, you won! Nice run too...I'm on R and R this week..ahhh...

Mel-2nd Chances said...

what an experience though!!! Sorry that you didn't win, but you're right, I wouldn't have done anything different! Great job on the run!