Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Run Before Las Vegas Vacation

Today's Run: Linear Trail: 32 degrees. 4 miles; Splits: 9:00; 9:00; 9:16; 8:45; 36:01; 9:00 per mile average pace.

One last run today before my wife and I head to Vegas for a mini vacation. We're leaving tomorrow and returning late next Wednesday. As much as I want to run in the predicted daily high temperature of 63 degrees (Compared to the 20's this weekend in Connecticut), I probably won't. The thought of packing sweaty running gear for the trip back home just doesn't appeal to me. Besides, I know that I'll probably be drinking too much beer anyhow since I've Googled the names of breweries in Vegas and formulated a game plan for going to all of them. :-)
Today's run was another run on snow. The linear trail had a fresh coat of about an inch or so of fresh snow. As usual, the first 1 1/2 miles of the trail was easy to run on since it's normally plowed and there wasn't much of a snow accumulation. Miles 1 1/2 to 2 were more difficult because of that part of the trail never being plowed and having about 3 inches deep of snow ruts to run around and through. I skidded to a halt just after my still unnamed Garmin beeped at mile 2, turned around and ran back the way I had come. So I had the uneven terrain for miles 2 to 2 1/2 as well. I'm blaming that for my 9:16 mile 3 pace after a 9 minute mile for miles 1 and 2. Once I was back on the blacktop at mile 2 1/2, my legs felt tired. However I still managed to break a 9 minute mile with an 8:45 last mile. Overall, I averaged a 9 minute mile pace, so I'm happy. Speaking of me being happy, I received some good news today: "You’ve been accepted to run the 2010 NYC Half-Marathon on March 21. The NYC Half, like the ING New York City Marathon, is an iconic race that inspires runners and fans alike with a course that includes some of the best sights in Manhattan." This is the first year it's being run in March, so it will be a great (first race of 2010?)race for me to look forward to. After running in the NY City Marathon last November, I know how well New Yorkers support us runners.
Well, I'm still WAY behind reading your blogs, and of course won't be reading them again for another week. My apologies again, and I'll be catching up (hopefully) next weekend. Thanks to those of you who are still commenting on my blog. Your loyalty and nice comments are greatly appreciated. Before I go, I must mention that I HATE going in airplanes. Yup, it's going to be an adventurous 6 hours tomorrow flying from Connecticut to Las Vegas. Hey, at least it's only 5 hours coming home. I guess that's it...sorry for the lack of creativity in this post. Are you still awake?! Hello????


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Have a great trip! Sounds like you have the same anxiety about planes that I do about dentists, and was there today! :( Enjoy the warmer weather!!! That's gotta be worth the flight!!

Meg Runs said...

How fun, enjoy yourself in Vegas!

Tricia said...

Have a great trip!

lindsay said...

have a safe and fun trip! take advantage of the warm weather - not necessarily running but like, not having to put on 12 layers of clothing :)

9:16 on snow, sounds good to me! i had 2 sloooow snow runs this week... with miles in the 9:30s and 9:40s! i'm using the excuse of being extra careful so i don't slip.... yeah that sounds good :)

congrats on getting into the nyc half!

Believe said...

Have an awesome vacation and time off!! Be praying for the plane ride definitely! Look at you go and your 9 minute miles-I am SO jealous. I can't even get down to 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safe travels!!

Anais said...

I love pre-travel runs. I try to do them the day that I get on the plane that way I know I'm leaving with a good run out of the way!!

Btw, I hate planes too. HATE them!!! I hate airports, planes, customs... yuck! Hope you're having (had?) fun!!!!