Sunday, January 17, 2010

Half Marathon Training Schedule Needed

A quick "Price is Right" update. Since it was a Las Vegas version of the Price is Right, it had different hosts and will not be televised.
I need your help. I need a good half marathon training schedule. I'm finally starting to feel better, so I want to resume running in a few days. However, since I'm visually motivated, I need a printed training schedule to motivate me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...
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lindsay said...

i started out using hal higdon training plans. i've looked at the ones you can make on runner's world ("smart coach") but never used one.

now i just make my own... i'd be happy to help you DIY if you want - it's nothing fancy. hal's are pretty good though - novice, intermediate and advanced. definitely tweakable too if you want to run more/less days, more mileage, etc.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Hope you find one, or work one out with Lindsay that works!

Anais said...

I have NO idea what half-marathon training schedule I'll be using so I'll be excited to see what you come up with!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Lindsay's idea is a good one! I think I used one of Higdon's plans a while back. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Lisa said...

I have had good luck with Runner's World Smart Coach. They give you a pretty detailed plan complete with target paces.

Like Lindsay, I would be happy to help you out. I can send you one of the plans I have written that you can tweak. I have plans that range from running 3 days a week with cross training to my last one that had me running 5 days a week. I have plans that I have written for novice runners in addition to my own.

Let me know (you can e-mail me or send a message on facebook)