Monday, January 25, 2010

An "Epic" Run(ner)?!

Yesterday's (Sunday)Run: Road: 35 degrees. 6.1 miles; Splits: 9:15; 8:59; 8:54; 9:02; 9:07; 8:59; :53 55:09; 9:02 per mile average pace.

"Epic": Adjective: Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size; Heroic and impressive in quality.

Rachael (Mentioned in my previous post) has given me permission to share with those of you who still actually read my blog the kind comments she wrote on the card which she enclosed with the book I won in her giveaway. Yes, I know that was a long sentence. It's 4:30 a.m., and I'm completing this post which I started writing yesterday if you must know. And I'm only on my first cup of caffeine. So sentence composition and structure don't count. So, here are the kind words she wrote: "You are such an inspiration to me and I really hope you continue to run + run hard!" OK, so that's not everything she wrote, but that's the first sentence of it. That's the sentence that you now see under the "Comments" section of my blog. That comment along with her comment on my last post "You simply amaze me. I can't wait until I'm your age** and I can smear my abilities in the faces of little newbies like me. Epic, that's what you are" were very motivational when I went out for my run on Sunday. So motivational in fact that I've decided to name my next child after her.* I wasn't at all excited about going for a run on Sunday. Ever since I've returned from Las Vegas I've been cursing the 30 degree temperatures here in Connecticut. Plus it was dark and grey, not sunny and Vegas "glitzy." With the New York City Half Marathon 8 weeks away, I knew I had to start running longer distances. I drove to the linear trail, parked, and decided a longer than usual 4 mile run would be 5 miles. Told you I wasn't excited to run. At least I was running on the road and the trail, instead of just the trail. Off I went, and my first mile was mainly uphill. I felt like I was running well, but Garmin disagreed. First mile: 9:15. Slow for me, and discouraging since my first mile time usually dictates how the rest of my run will go. I decided to try to relax, listen to my "epic" 70's tunes, and just have fun. Screw my splits. (Note: I will be using the term epic in the wrong way and overusing it from here on). Well, it worked. Mile 2 was an epic 8:59 (I love it when I break a 9 minute split); mile 3 another epic sub 9 minute time of 8:54. Uh oh, slacker Rick's legs getting heavy, and an unepic (almost the word epic) mile 4 of 9:02 and mile 5 of 9:07. Lucky for me I miscalculated when I would arrive at the trail, so with a few extra epic loops, I added on an extra 1/4 + mile and ended up running 6.1 miles instead of my planned 5 miles. Plus my last mile split was an epic 8:59. Overall, I ran for 55:09, and averaged a 9:02 per mile pace. Although it was a little slower than I had hoped, I ran an extra 1.1 epic miles, so I'm (substitute whatever adjectives you want that mean extremely thrilled) that I was able to run 6.1 miles and "overachieve."
I think I covered everything I wanted to say. In closing, I want to say that you need to follow/stalk Rachael's blog. She's freakin' hilarious, she's crazy, and maybe someday she'll run as good as this 53 year old epic runner. :-) I'm terrible at creating links, and it's early, so just go to my previous post and click on the link to her blog that's there. Because, read previous sentence.
* I'm lying. I'm not having any more children. I'm naming my unnamed Garmin after her...until I change my mind, if ever. So my Garmin has a first name, it's R-a-c-h-a-e-l, my Garmin has a second name, it's...oh, never mind. Reminds me of a bologna commercial from years ago.
** Apparently she thinks I'm also ancient. Come on, 53 is...old enough to be most of you out there's father. Point well made. But I still feel your age. So there, 20-something runners!


Lisa said...

Epic post Rick! Love it and I love Rachael's blog too. She has a way with words. I wish I could write in her "smart ass" way. Love ya Rachael :)

I've said this before and I'll say it again... I would give my right arm to run like you. I'd even take 9:30 miles. You are epic, even for an old guy!!!

Love ya Rick!

Anonymous said...

Aww Rick! You made my entire day, which is great thing because I've got 12 night shift hours of whiny sick people coming up ... if I don't purposely kill one of them, it'll be a miracle. Pillow treatment, get what I mean?

Way to take my 20-something blabber slang word of "Epic" and saturate your blog and your run with it!

I can't believe you named Garmin after me! I've never had ANYTHING named after me! I'm just, like, beaming over here!

And agreed with Lisa, here's my right arm, maybe if I shed the weight from my arm I can run a 9:02 mile, maybe.

lindsay said...

haha. what a sweet note from rachael! you are pretty awesome, no doubt about that :)

why are you whining about 30*? don't you remember it was like 2* a couple weeks ago? yes, warmer would be nice, but c'mon at least it's not ridiculously freezing!