Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running Naked Was Not a Good Idea

Yesterday's Run: Road: About 39.6 degrees I think. 3.4 miles; Splits: 8:53; 9:05; 8:55; 3:22; 30:15; 8:53 per mile average pace.

I didn't want to run, but I HAD to run.* I scheduled a haircut after work, I stopped at Double D for an iced coffee (Yes, on a winter's day, hazelnut with cream and sugar), I took my sweet ass time driving home, I got the mail, I read my e-mail, I read my Facebook (Feel free to request me as a friend-link is on my blog, bottom right), and dressed in my running gear as slowly as I could, hoping it would get dark and I'd change my mind. Sunset in Connecticut is 5 p.m now (Woo-Hoo!), so the stall tactics didn't work. So I put on my reflective armband, pressed the on button, and it weakly flashed and died. I took off my reflective armband, grabbed my newer reflective arm band with the bright, flashing red l.e.d. (I think) disco lights, velcro'd (I know-not a real word-sue me)it on my arm, had it keep sliding down my arm, swore, took off before mentioned armband, attached it to the back of my hat, checked out my unstudly physique wearing flashing disco hat in my dark bathroom mirror, got fascinated by red flashing disco lights reflecting in my bathroom mirror, had flashbacks to growing up in the '70's and HATING disco music, snapped out of it, and was ready to go for my run. Keep in mind I had already done everything I could to not run, still wasn't motivated to run, but for some unknown reason decided to run naked. If you've never run naked, I can say that I've done it before, and sometimes it works as far as feeling "as one" with your run, and sometimes (Like yesterday) it affects your performance in a negative way, meaning your run sucks. My run sucked. I was panting like a dog, the cold air felt extremely cold (Gee, I wonder why?!), and my slacker run of 3.4 miles felt like a marathon. Having Rachael** with me didn't help ease my pain. Even though I never felt like I was running comfortably and struggled the entire time, I surprised myself by averaging an 8:53 per mile pace. However, running naked, especially when you're not motivated to run, is definitely a bad idea. If I ever run naked again, I'm waiting until it's warmer and I can be comforted by the warm rays of the sun and the trees with leaves, and all the other great warm weather sights, sounds, and smells. I missed my MP3 player, I needed my music. I so regret running naked, without my MP3 player to keep me company and help motivate me. OK, update: NEVER type a blog at 4:30 a.m! Running naked was a poor attempt at humor on my part, meaning I ran without my mp3 player. Now that it's 8 hours later, I've been scolded by Stephanie, and reread my blog, I see the misunderstanding. So no, I did not run without clothes on. If anyone was offended by this post, so be it!
* Rough day at work
** Rachael is my Garmin. See previous post.


Stephanie Nichole said...

I'm sorry Rick but... WHAT???? I thought the title was some sort of cute joke. Read through-- still not seeing what the joke about "running naked" was. Kept reading and it ended-- and it still sounds as if you actually ran in the nude.

I came up with 3 logical meaning3 behind this... (well 2 logical and 1 nutso...)
1) "Run naked" means without a watch??
2) "Run naked" means without shoes-- barefoot running?
3) "Run naked" means you physically took your clothes off and ran in the buff-- which I would highly suggest against, having lived in the Northeast for 22 years.

Please explain...

Lisa said...

Ok, you had me going for a minute and then I thought naked meant Rachael-less.

Funny post.

Sorry you had a sucky run but you still managed a stellar pace. Definitely only run naked when you are feeling good and motivated. I definitely need my music to motivate me on those days.

Anonymous said...

I run nakie now all the time, but usually I have someone running with me (also nakie) to chat with. Or I have the sounds of rain falling around me (I get worried I'll electrictue [sp?] my eardrums if I run in the rain with iPod) and that seems to be fine. I ran with music for the first time in weeks last night. It would of been a long 6 miler of my own breathing had I not run with it.

Rachael (your Garmin) hopes you run with clothes on though, that's a sight she doesn't want to see, being as she is so close to the action.

Tara said...

Hah! I love the title and it is definitely what got me here. I totally thought you were serious! Definitely not offended, it would take A LOT to offend me. I love offhand humor. Have a great weekend Rick!

Stephanie Nichole said...

hahahhaah awww if you can get away with running naked, more power to ya!!!

I've tried running without music or something to listen to... I don't know HOW anybody does that. There is no way to zone out without SOMETHING!!

Thanks for the update... I was picturing you poor thing in the freezing cold-- that wouldn't be good.

Have a happy friday and a great weekend!!!


lindsay said...

i didn't 'catch' the nakedness until you pointed out how it came across originally! too funny :)

Erin C. said...


Again...a very funny and intriguing post title! All kidding aside, I know what you mean. I don't often wear my iPod during races, but I do when I'm training and doing a long run. It is an awful feeling when you see that battery light flicker and die out. That's why I have a backup iPod! Good luck with your training!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the donation to Ulman! I can't thank you enough! And I hope you have a special lady around in case you win the raffle! I don't think you would look as cute in the cute tank.

Denise said...

I actually had to read that twice because I thought you were going to go out naked, without clothes. In Michigan, the university does a nake mile. My husband has run it more than once. Go figure that's the only time he's ever run.

I'm in PA, by the way. had another frigid run this morning!

Tricia said... hooked me with the title :)

Rachel said... me gullible. I even have a degree in English and therefore should be able to seek these sort of parallels out. Anyways, it wasn't until I read your disclaimer that I realized that you were not actually streaking through your neighborhood.

Personally, I run better without my music at times. Probably because when I first started running I ran without music and not the noise in my ear bugs me if it is with me for too long.

Anais said...

LOL I was so confused too!!!! I was like - really?? in the COLD??? lol!!!

I sort of understood by the end that you meant running without music... right? :P

You're too funny!!