Monday, April 6, 2009

An Update Just Because I Want To

Well, I was LAZY this weekend and found excuses not to bike. I'm still not feeling that my heel is ready to attempt a run. Saturday was extremely windy, with gusts of 35 mph + winds. Plus it was chilly. I didn't have a difficult time convincing myself that unless I wanted to look like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz riding through the air, then staying home and resting was a better idea. So I lounged around and watched HGTV and DYI and all those other network shows that have weird letters. I learned important lessons such as don't EVER think about trying to do plumbing by myself, not to work underground on the Baltimore subway repairing the track with molten steel hot enough to melt away your flesh, or work on the Chesapeake Bay bridge repairing it's support pillars during a torrential downpour. As I finish this extremely boring post, it's 9:45 p.m. and I'm noticing that being lazy the past few days has actually made a difference. True, I'm stuffing my face with unhealthy snacks to feel better, BUT my heel actually does feel better. Maybe rest combined with massive amounts of cake, chocolate, and potato chips is the key?! The funny tingly feeling has disappeared, and I can actually stand for a long period of time without shifting from heel to heel. Well, just to torture myself some more, I have an appointment a week from tomorrow with the same podiatrist I saw back in January. I have my toes crossed that rest, ibuprofen, and ice will actually work as planned. Oh, and a side note, I'm SO jealous that Carlee of "Chasing Forest Gump" ( was able to run the Danbury Half Marathon yesterday. I could have had a big, ugly, nasty blister just like hers had I been able to compete!


Anais said...

I'm glad you're not forcing your heel to run, we all want it to heel so you can do amazing in your upcoming 1/2 marathon! :)

I love HGTV. I haven't watched it in SO long, but I used to love watching it on Friday nights (how lame I know), because they had "getaway fridays", so you'd see real estate in England, Spain, etc...Relocation Relocation is my favorite show :)

It actually was very windy and cold when I went on my run last times I thought I was going to blow away!!! Had I KNOWN before hand...might not have gone out...but I had ran for about 5 min. that I remembered I thought it was going to be sunny :) Oh well!

ps: chocolate has been proven to heal heels! :)

pps: Congrats Carlee!

Irish Cream said...

I think cake is the perfect medicine for any type of running injury! :)

And also, I think it's smart that you've made another appointment. Might as well see if there's anything you can do to help the healing along (other than eat cake, obviously!) Good luck!!

lindsay said...

m&m's heal everything in my world. :) cake, chocolate, whatever works!!

glad the heel is feeling better but don't test it too soon now. we don't want to drag this out any longer than necessary! in the meantime, have another piece of cake. ;)

sue said...