Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Walk Breaks Today

Temperature: 83 degrees; splits 9:04; 8:51; 8:59; 9:38; 8:55; 45:27 total for 5 miles; 9:05 per mile pace.

I'm still kicking myself because I didn't bring my running attire to Atlantic City. As my wife and I walked along the Boardwalk yesterday, I watched several runners go by, looking like they were having a good time. It definitely would have been an enjoyable run for me, with the ocean nearby and all the sights and sounds of the Boardwalk. My wife even commented that she was surprised I didn't plan on running while we were there. Well, live and learn. Next time I go away, I'll pack my running gear.
Yesterday's mail contained an entry form for a 5 mile race on Father's Day (June 21). The race is one that I ran in 2 years ago. There's 1450 runners, the course goes along the shoreline, it has plenty of water stations, there's digital clocks every mile, and there's 3 bands along the course. Plus the post race food isn't bad either. I have 2 months to prepare for it, meaning running 5 miles without stopping and walking. So, today being a ridiculously warm 83 degrees, and me haven't run since Wednesday, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could suck it up and run 5 miles without taking walk breaks. The first 2 miles were easy, the third mile wasn't bad, and at mile 3.4 I stopped for a well deserved and much needed drink from a water fountain. At that point I was feeling like I might not make the 5 miles. I not only drank a lot of water, but I immersed my face in the water as well. I was regretting not wearing my running belt that holds water bottles. As I resumed my run, it felt like steam was going to blow out my ears. I wanted to quit so bad, and blame it on the heat. I reached mile 4, and looked ahead at what seemed like an endless mile. It was now a psychological battle, with me reminding myself that my time didn't matter, and that I just needed to keep running, no matter how slowly. Plus I knew that there was an ice cold Powerade waiting for me in a cooler in my car. I wasn't going to allow myself to drink it if I quit running. I somehow finished with the second fastest split time of my run, jumped into my car, turned on the air conditioning, and chugged my reward. So much for a proper post race cooldown! Overall, I can't complain. Other than a 30 second break to drink water and assure I didn't drop dead, I accomplished my goal. Tomorrow it's supposed to be near 90 degrees. Tomorrow will definitely be a run-walk-run day. Tomorrow I will wear my "tool belt" (as my kids call it) and make sure I have plenty of water with me.


Melanie Tait said...

Well done Rick! Forging on through, beating the Excuse Gremlins!Good job!

Rookie on the Run said...

You really pushed yourself!! Awesome job not giving up! That Father's Day Race sounds fun. You'll do great!

It sounds like you had a nice, relaxing time in Atlantic City. Your wife was probably happy to have you around those couple days without any running breaks. :D

Carlee said...

nice job Rick!!! Glad you made yourself get it done! Sounds like that 5-miler is a nice race; I wonder if I got that pamphlet.

Melanie Tait said...

Hey Rick - you and Sara have left me walking around on a cloud all day with your lovely posts!

I left the details of streaming my program on your post before this one. I'm on Monday nights to Thursday nights - very very early for you!

What I'll do though, is when I have some running specific content, I'll make sure I blog about it so you know to tune in or tape it or something!

I have lots of friends in the UK and Europe who stream without a problem, but I think the time difference in the US is a little nasty!

Keep on keeping on - can't wait to keep hearing about your running getting better and better, easier and easier.

Anais said...

After yesterday's run, I also realized I need one of those water was SO hot here (like peak of summer weather) and I also ran/walked 5 miles...I could've ran more of it but I was SO dehydrated (all I had had that day was coffee...stupid, I know). By the time I got home I was having shivers and stuff, not pretty...

I'll definitely be bringing my running gear to NYC ;)

lindsay said...

hopefully you got in plenty of relaxing time over the weekend. whenever i plan to run everyday on a trip/vacation i end up not and therefore hauling around tons of extra clothes, so probably better your way :)

i play the same games with myself when i am hungry/thirsty during a run. the heat is no joke and it sprung up on a lot of us quickly this year! hopefully we'll all acclimate to it (as much as possible anyway) quickly. glad you were able to get in a good run with no foot troubles, just don't forget your h2o next time!