Sunday, April 19, 2009

A "Monster" Run

Linear Trail; 58 degrees; splits 9:19; 9:14; 9:26; 9:17; 37:16 total for 4 miles; 9:19 per mile pace.

As tempted as I was not to run on the linear trail today, I decided that a road run should wait at least until after my appointment tomorrow with my podiatrist. I decided to push myself today and instead of running for 6 minutes and walking for one, I ran for a mile and walked for a minute. I have "mixed reviews" on how successful it was. I started off feeling as if two days running in a row was a mistake. I felt like my stride was off, my legs hurt, and I was feeling tired. I even chugged a "Monster Lo Carb" energy drink on the way to the trail to try to get a temporary "boost." Then I remembered reading about Jeff Galloway's "left brain vs. right brain." As Jeff puts it, "Inside the left hemisphere at the top of your head is the center of logic. The left brain solves math problems, organizes and nit-picks, and conducts the structured cognitive activities during your workday. One of the primary missions of the left brain is to steer you in the direction of pleasure and away from discomfort. Any form of stress or perceived stress will stimulate this negative center of logic to produce a stream of messages to "slow down!"or "quit!"or to question your sanity: "Why are you doing this?" Because we rely upon the left side for logical guidance, we listen to these messages. If we're weak or tired, we're very likely to give in to the messages and compromise our goal." Well, I decided to listen to my right brain, which "Is a reservoir of creative solutions to just about any problem, challenge or obstacle. Through pacing, walk breaks and blood sugar-boosting, you can cut down dramatically on stress, reducing the negative left brain messages so that you stay on the right (brain) track." It worked! Whether it actually happened or not I don't know, but all of a sudden I felt a surge of energy from my energy drink. My stride was back, I was smiling, my legs stopped hurting, and I felt great. I noticed that the trees and bushes along the trail are finally starting to bloom, and the birds and ducks have returned. I was experiencing the running euphoria like I used to. It was a little more difficult than I had expected to run the entire mile before taking my "reward" of a one minute walk break. I was disappointed that I have lost that much stamina in just a few months. BUT, I ran for the second day in a row, my heel didn't hurt, and still doesn't hurt 8 hours later. My splits are fine, especially since they're consistent. As long as I continue to remind myself that running a faster time doesn't matter, (especially since I'm training to run another marathon), and my heel cooperates, who am I to complain?! P.S. I just looked it up. IF I was able to maintain that pace for a marathon, my time would be 4:04:16... my best marathon time is is good!!


Anais said...

I think if I ran after chugging an energy drink I would feel sick...All that liquid jumping around doesn't work with me lol!

Glad the run went well and good luck at the podiatrist tomorrow!!

Mama said...

Glad your heel is still holding up and the second run in a row went well.

Good luck tomorrow!

MCM Mama

Rookie on the Run said...

Two days in a row of running and your heel is doing well. That's GREAT news!

I hope your appointment at the podiatrist goes well!

lindsay said...

hope the doc visit goes well today!