Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maybe I Need to Change My Blog to "Marathonman Rides Again!"

Temperature: 67 degrees; 15 miles; 12.2 average m.p.h.; 1:13:52

First off, an update on my heel. My unprofessional prognosis isn't good. My heel won't heal itself. It now has this weird "tingly" feeling, and feels like the sensation you get when a part of your body has fallen asleep. I'm guessing that's not good, especially since it hurts like heck to stand, and isn't exactly fun to walk on either. I know I need to go back to the podiatrist, but I'm not sure if I want to go to a different one and get a second opinion. In any case, I need to decide in a hurry.
Today was an invigorating ride, with it actually feeling like a spring day. I was able to ride 15 miles total, 9 1/2 of which were on the linear trail. I passed by a lot of runners, and of course still felt a little jealous, but I'm getting better. I even startled a runner who was running with two of her friends by passing her on her left, as I was supposed to. However, she rudely reminded me that I should be saying "On your left" as I pass. OK, rude lesson noted. I also met a couple of friendly young girls who gave me a polite and loud "Hi" as I was struggling to ride to the top of a steep hill. I think that was their way of encouraging me to keep peddling. Lastly, I apparently was worthy enough for a car full of teenage girls waiting for a red light across the street to give me a shout out. I didn't hear what they were yelling, which probably was a good thing. I'm not exactly a stud muffin in shorts with my bony legs and "old man" running shorts. But, I will NEVER traumatize the entire town of Cheshire by wearing spandex biker shorts. I'm LMAO just typing that.


Anais said...

About your heel...that sucks :( IT really does! I would definitely get a second opinion, because you NEVER know!! :) Good luck with that!!

You're lucky that you get people cheering you on, in my neighborhood, I get weird stares!! I always have to think: I'm not wearing my PJs am I?? Or am I too red??? Anyways, I guess they just have to get used to me ;)

Rookie on the Run said...

Well, just like 40 is the new 20 (which makes me 19), maybe "bony legs" and "old man" shorts are the new Stud Muffin!

I'm sorry your heel isn't doing any better. I hope you find out what is going on and can find some solutions in dealing with the pain. Maybe a second opinion is a good idea.

Meanwhile, great job riding your bike! :) Maybe you ought to put one of those old-fashioned bells on your bike (the kind you ring with your thumb). That will get those runners' attention!

lindsay said...

did you have a good first impression of the first doc? i hate when doctor's just give you the most extreme treatment option instead of weighing all the possibilities, but that's mostly just an aside...

if you didn't feel too great about the first guy i'd find a new one. but if he seemed ok, it might be worth it to go back to him and say look pal, it's still being troublesome.