Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When 75 Minutes Is Forever

Linear Trail; 48 degrees; splits 10:01; 9:55; 10:41; 9:55; 40:32 total for 4 miles; 10:08 per mile pace.

Wonderful, marvelous, exhilarating...words cannot accurately describe how good it felt to run yesterday after a 2 week hiatus. The Jeff Galloway run-walk-run (TM) method is going to be my saving grace. I honestly believe that. A 10:08 pace per mile for running 6 minutes and walking for a minute over and over again works well for me. This was my third time using this method, and it was better than ever. The walk breaks allowed me to not only rest my heel, but also to feel fresh after a 2 week layoff. Unfortunately my heel still seems to be swelling after I run, and since I was going to the Mets home opener last night (They lost 6-5), I didn't have time to ice my heel. Fortunately the swelling disappeared as I sat watching the game. The "tingly" feeling still remains however. I do believe I'm making progress. Today I had an appointment scheduled with the podiatrist I saw 3 months ago. My gut feeling told me to go get a second opinion, but my laziness in not scheduling with a different podiatrist had me going to see him today. Keep in mind I scheduled this appointment 8 days ago. Yes, this is leading to something. I arrived at my 3:45 appointment 10 minutes early, since the traffic light Gods allowed the 4 million (OK, I'm exaggerating) traffic lights between my house and my podiatrist's office to be green. I walked in and was surprised to see 3 other people already sitting in the waiting room. At 3:45, I discovered that the women who was next had a 3:00 appointment. At 4:05, she went to see the podiatrist. At that point I determined that I would probably get to see the podiatrist at around 4:50 if I was lucky. At 4:30, the woman with the 3:30 appointment went in, so I figured that I had about another 15 or 20 minutes to go. At 4:50, the podiatrist started loudly questioning his office help why the woman was only scheduled for 15 minutes for a procedure that was going to take a lot longer. After a minute of listening to the podiatrist and staff member arguing, I decided that it was time to leave. Why should I stay there, when he was going to be running 90 minutes late by the time he saw me? I honestly believed that I would be rushed out of his office as quickly as possible, since by then 2 other people had sat down in the waiting room. Plus, how unprofessional were they to be arguing loudly enough for all of us to hear?! Also, wouldn't it have been courteous to let me know that the doctor was behind schedule, and see if I wanted to reschedule my appointment? So, tomorrow I will be scheduling an appointment with another podiatrist. I knew I should have trusted my gut feeling and not gone back. Oh well, live and learn...but, hey, again, other than a tingly sensation in my heel, it feels great!


Anais said...

I'm typing this from my ipod touch so don't judge! About icing ur heel on the go, don't they sell some cold patches that u can stick wherever? If so it woudLd probably good to get some :)

Good luck with ur future podiatrist, hopefully it will help ur heel!!

Ps: you convinced me, I'm going to check out galloways book/method!

Rookie on the Run said...

I have Galloway's book, too. I can't wait to be able to put his method into practice.

I'm glad to read that you're getting to run again! :)

It sounds like you made a wise decision to leave that podiatrist's office. It's one thing to be running behind, but it is so unprofessional to argue in front of patients. I hope you get yourself an excellent new podiatrist!

lindsay said...

ugh hate doctor's like that. they should've called and told you they were backed up and rescheduled you so that you could have adequate time for your appt. hopefully the 2nd opinion goes much better.

nice job on the run and continue to take it easy so your heel doesn't get worse.

lets go mets! :)

Irish Cream said...

Ugh, that is beyond frustrating. I totally vote that you get a new podiatrist--that one DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to see you!

Also, I wanted to mention that I made it out to the Mets-Red Sox exhibition game a couple weeks back. Citi Field is SO cool!

Anais said...

Hey, I looked for Galloway's book at the bookstore today but...he's got quite a few!! What's the title?