Sunday, December 21, 2008

When Will I Run Again??

"Too much time on my hands" Styx

More snow in the forecast, plus poorly plowed roads, means too much time to eat Christmas cookies and not getting enough exercise by running. No, I won't use our treadmill (dreadmill). I'd rather get fat than feel like a hamster running on its wheel. Believe it or not, I run for fun and the runner's high, rather than for weight loss or maintenance. Anyone who runs understands what I mean. The weight loss or maintenance is a bonus that I love, however! Yes, I know...I work for Weight Watchers and am not always a role model. That's when the "Do as I say, and not as I do" rule applies. That's the same rule that anyone (Lori) who has ever worked in the classroom with me knows I tell the students to follow. Not that I'm not a role model for the most part...just that the 16 year old comes out of me sometimes...damn ADD!!

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Lisa said...

Oh yuck! I hope things clear up soon.

You know... I don't think that "running for fun" is such a bad role model. If more people found activities/exercise that they loved instead of things they thought they "should" do to lose/maintain weight, fewer people would go up and down so much in weight. No offense to WW or other programs like them (they really help people), but I find it odd when I hear someone say that they are going on WW AGAIN. Unfortunately, it doesn't always stick the first time.

I think you are a fine role model.

Sorry for the mini-soapbox (*sheepish grin*)... have a great holiday.