Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Not Officially Winter Yet

"Now I'm snowblind, snowblind, snowblind": Snowblind: Styx
"Fun, Fun, Fun": The Beach Boys

Today's Forecast
From Storm Team 8 Weather Center
Last Edited: Sunday, 07 Dec 2008, 7:43 AM EST
(WTNH) - Updated Sunday AM. Here is the latest forecast from Storm Team 8 Meteorologist Matt Scott
As expected, just a dusting of snow overnight...totaling at worst, to about an inch across the state. Temps are cold out there, and later today, we'll see the winds pick up from the Northwest, gusting to 40-50 MPH...a Wind Advisory is in effect for the state for this afternoon and tonight.
We stay unsettled as another storm comes in Tuesday....this will start with a little snow, before changing to a lot of rain into Wednesday....
All the best, Meteorologist Matt Scott

SUNDAY: Snow ends early... Winds pick up as the skies clear out. Highs : upper 30s.

I beat the 40-50 MPH wind gusts, but not the snow. After taking care of my parental responsibilities, I changed into my "keep warm" running gear, stretched, checked (32 degrees, feels like 32 degrees), and headed outside. For once I wasn't going to be anal about my total time or pace. Todays goal was to run around 6 miles, and have fun doing so, meaning no mile splits or pressure to run fast. I decided against running the Linear Trail, since I figured it would be snow covered and slippery. After consulting with my daughter, (who doesn't run outside unless it's 40 degrees or warmer), I decided to run her "Sweet Claudes" route. It starts and ends at our home, and is almost entirely run along Route 10, which has sidewalks. Very important on a snowy day. The turn around point is Sweet Claudes, which has incredible ice cream, and yes, they're open during the winter, but no, I didn't go inside. I did stick to my "have fun rule", and actually enjoyed running in the blowing, swirling snow. At times it followed the blowing from the north as it usually does pattern, and at times it didn't. This was annoying, yet "fun." I kept removing my hat and putting it back on. Not only did the run turn out to be fun, but easy as well. The 6.7 miles in my mind went by quickly. Even though I ran for 58:50, it didn't feel that long. My pace per mile, since of course I always have to know, was 8:46. Definitely not as quick as my past three runs, but who cares?

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