Saturday, December 13, 2008

6 Miles of Torture

"Running on, running on empty" Jackson Browne: Running on Empty

Today was pure torture running the Linear Trail. I was psyched to do one last run before tomorrow's 5K race, and decided that a leisurely 6 mile run on the trail would be the perfect choice. Once again, split times weren't going to matter, and slow and steady was going to be the rule. Well, slow, but not steady was what I did. Weather wasn't bad, 29 degrees, with a "Feels like" 25 degrees day. My first mile was about 8:45, and from there it was all downhill. Or maybe I should say it felt like I was running uphill. Each preceding mile, 2 through 6, was slower. Problem was, it was more through necessity rather than by my actually taking it easy. Heavy legs, heavy arms, and nothing about the run fit my definition of "fun," which is what running always is for me. I didn't have fun, and even the scenery along the trail just didn't do it today. Plus I was actually even feeling a little depressed...something definitely was wrong. While driving home, the blahs continued, and I was sensing that something was wrong at home. Kind of a "father's gut feeling" that I get whenever my son or daughter get sick. Arriving home, I went inside, and found my son sitting up in his bed, rather than his wheelchair. Sure enough, he wasn't feeling well. Matter of fact, neither was I at that point. So, after a shower, some lunch, and a 3 hour nap, here I sit hunting and pecking at the computer keyboard. I still feel worn out, as does my son. No holiday party for me tonight with my co-workers. Guess I'll see how I feel and my son feels tomorrow morning before deciding whether or not to run the 5K race. Total time today was 55:15 (9:12/M), which was a "snails pace" for me. Who cares?! Not me!!

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