Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday a Reality Check and OUCH!

Random Road Run: Temperature 77 degrees. Splits 9:21; 9:50; 10:03; 9:55; 11:29; 10:04; 10:20; 10:09; 9:34; 11:38; 10:06; 10:07; 11:48; 10:17; 10:08; 10:06 2:44:55 total for 16 miles; 10:19 per mile pace.

I am not going to run a 4 hour marathon. I may not even run a 4:30 marathon in New York. Long runs hurt. Long runs are mentally and physically challenging. Long runs make me realize that I'm 52 (53 on July 28), and that I'm definitely making the right decision by planning on NY being my last marathon. I wanted to quit yesterday after about 10 miles of my scheduled 15-16 mile run. I could have quit and had a legitimate excuse after 12.35 miles. My son and his personal care assistant arrived home while I was taking one of my three scheduled water breaks. I went over to the van to say "Hi" before continuing my run, and got nailed in the knee by the unfolding wheelchair lift. I followed that with an awkward ass landing on the now unfolded ramp. My son and his personal care assistant felt bad, and at the same time of course tried not to laugh. I actually benefited from the ramp attack. It made me more determined than ever to continue, and even run 16 miles even although I could have quit after 15. I now have a bruised left knee to go along with my ugly scar on the same leg that I received during my last run.
Overall, the miles went by quicker than expected, and I couldn't believe I ran for almost 3 hours. Correction, I ran-walk-ran for almost 3 hours. As I've repeatedly said, Jeff Galloway's training program works for me, and it works well. My splits are fairly consistent the entire run, with the exception of the three times I was at my home taking my water breaks. I'm thrilled that my split times at miles 14-16 are as good, if not better, than my splits midway through my run. I decided to do at home water breaks instead of wearing my tool (hydration) belt, which feels like I'm carrying too much extra weight over a long distance. I also packed my Blueberry GU Chomps for carbs. As much as I like the Chomps, I actually prefer the Hammer Gel (see link on right) or GU Gel better. It may be psychological, but I feel like I get a power surge whenever I use the gels, while the Chomps just don't seem to do anything for me. At the end of my run, I was wiped. I had the post run "brain strain," where I could tell, and my family could tell, that I wasn't completely with it. My legs were spent, and during the last couple of miles, I was fighting off possible leg cramps. My toes, which I had covered with petroleum jelly, were also sore. I haven't experienced that since the Hartford Marathon last October. In my mind, and in my body, yesterday's run was a marathon. A 16 mile marathon. Could I have run-walk-run another 10 miles yesterday? Honestly, probably not. But that's ok. I have the next 109 plus days to prepare myself mentally and physically for New York. Correction... Mentally I'm feel I'm ready. Since the Fairfield Half Marathon, and after yesterday's run, I know I have the mental ability to suck it up when I have to. I just have to make sure that I'm physically ready for the 26.2 miles. As most of you know, 26.2 cannot be taken lightly. My experience from my two previous marathons, and especially reading everyone else's recent marathon runs is a constant reminder of how challenging a marathon is. I will be ready.
Fundraising update: Anais, of "Through Green Eyes" (http://through-greeneyes.blogspot.com/) has been supporting me both monetarily and through her blog. Thank-you so much, Anais. Of course, thank-you everyone else who I have mentioned in previous posts for your donations. I'm happy to say that I've reached my first fundraising goal of $1300 a month ahead of time! WOO-HOO! Yes, I have goosebumps as I type this. I'm at about $1350 right now. My fundraising link still shows $1007 sonce I haven't mailed them my latest donations. I'm still going to have a pizza eating contest; probably also a beer pong competition, and a car wash. I'm also going to have some type of an ice cream fundraiser, and maybe a bowling activity. Stay tuned for more details. As usual, thank-you for your support. It's also great to be back here in bloggerland, after a week off from running. The graduation party went well. Check me out on Facebook (link on right) for more party info. It's also a great place to find out what else I do besides run. Time for me to check on everyone and see how you're doing. Love you guys!


Anais said...

YAY, that's so great about the fundraising!!! It's so awesome to think that all that money will go towards a great cause :) Oh, and that your credit card won't be charged 1300$ ;)

I also can't believe you ran for 3 hours...It just makes me realize how time-consuming training for a marathon really is! I don't know if I'd have time to fit in a run that long!! Good job for sticking through with it though :) Super proud of you!

lindsay said...

you are going crazy with the fundraising! awesome job :) let's knock the other half of it out of the way ahead of schedule too! sounds like you have a lot of great and fun ideas coming up for it.

nice 16 miler! you are definitely right - you have lots of time to continue to build onto your stamina and endurance. 16 miles under your belt at this point is excellent in my opinion. there's a lot to be said for your perseverance over the last 3-4 miles!

Lisa said...

OMG you are hardcore!!!

You have the determination to finish so I know you will do well in your marathon. You've got 3 more months to train... you will be just fine.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Congrats on the fundraising so far, and on your determination to get to NY. Your strength is admirable!! Glad the ramp incident wasn't any worse! :)

Irish Cream said...

WOW, you are kicking butt with that fund-raising! Great job! And nice job on the 16-miler too (bruised knee and all!). You'll be ready for 26.2 by the time NYC rolls around--no doubt about it! You're going to do great! Keep up the awesome work!! :)