Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Next "Race"

My daughter and I ran in this last year. I told her I would run the course with her and a co-worker of mine. Needless to say, I didn't, and finished a few minutes before them. This year my daughter and I will be running the entire "race" together. I learned a valuable lesson during the Petit 5K race. Quality father-daughter time during a 5K is much more important than my finishing time. I'm hoping my co-worker will also run with us. Check out the link below, and you'll see why I have "race" in quotation marks. The free beer afterwards certainly motivates me also!

ALSO: Check out photo daughter and I finishing the Petit 5K together...Priceless!!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

i know i've said it before, but i admire the bond that you obviously share with your daughter and that you have this to share together!! I bet this "race" will be more memorable than last year. :D

Meg Runs said...

I think it is wonderful that you are running with your daughter...I have run off and on with our kids(age 18 and 20)but they haven't ever really loved running...not yet anyway!

In response to your question about the Chomps...I like the berry but my husband likes orange and strawberry. I can't do regular Gu but I can do a lot of Chomps!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

lindsay said...

i've definitely been learning lately that not all races have to be so serious. it's important to do some just for-fun, for the experience, and especially to run with a friend or family member. those reasons are often way more meaningful than a pr. sounds like another excellent 'race' on tap for you and your daughter!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I hope you bought the 8x10 size of that photo and a frame, that is AMAZING!! All the best in your next race..

And yes I am starting my 10K training plan this week.. I want to make sure I know what pace I can run, still being new to running I am always afraid to go out too fast and lose my speed..

Lisa said...

Love that you run with your daughter. My daughter is only 9 and like to run with us so I'm hoping that as she gets older we can "race" together.

Happy early birthday by the way. Hope you do something special and get some practical presents :)

Burt said...

Thanks, I will let you know about the Hammer

Irish Cream said...

I think it is so amazing that you run races with your daughter! You are SO right . . . sometimes it is important to just have fun! P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)