Monday, July 20, 2009

Today's Run, and a Freebie For You

Random Road Run: Temperature 79 degrees. Splits 8:44; 8:56; 8:54; 9:00; 8:28; 8:10; 52:12 total for 6 miles; 8:42 per mile pace. (Planned pace was 9:00).

What can I say? I felt good at the beginning, I felt good at the middle, and felt great at the end of my run. Hey, I even did a 9:00 split time after taking a "break" to shed some excess water weight. (Think about it...on second thought, don't think about it!). I think I've found the main reason for my success: proper footwear. I've noticed that since I bought new running shoes (ASICS GT-2140), my running aches and pains have decreased. I'm so glad that my podiatrist told me I didn't need running shoes for overpronation. My hip and knee pains are gone. By the way, I so smoked the 6th mile!
OK, as promised, my version of a giveaway/freebie. I want to keep this simple. I'm giving away a 24-pack of GU Energy Gel, Vanilla Bean flavor. Here's how you win it. I'm having a raffle. 1)You earn 5 tickets for being a member of my blog. 2) If you refer someone to my blog, and they post a message stating that you referred them, then you earn 10 raffle tickets for each person you refer. 3) You also can earn 3 tickets by adding me on Facebook. Click on my Facebook link on the right. If you already have, then you've already earned the tickets. 4) I have to encourage/bribe everyone to donate to my fundraising effort for team Autism Speaks. So, you get one raffle ticket for every dollar you donate to my fundraising effort. If you have already donated, you're all set with tickets. You can click on the link on the right in order to donate. 5) If someone you refer to my blog donates $$ to Autism Speaks, you will receive 1 raffle ticket for every dollar that they donate.
If you want your raffle tickets mailed to you, please e-mail me your address at, and I will mail you your tickets. Otherwise, I will e-mail you your ticket numbers, and keep your tickets here. Raffle winner will be drawn on July 28th, which is my birthday! I will mail the prize to the winner. Hopefully I have covered all the rules. If not, PLEASE let me know. This is my first raffle, and I'm trying to keep it simple. In closing, I do want to say that I am not raffling the GU gel to promote it. I bought an extra case of it since I use it and like it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!! The winner will also receive a t-shirt custom made with any logo, saying, picture, etc. of their choice. T-shirt will be white, but not "see-through."


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Yay to feeling great at the beginning and the end - does that mean the during was not so great? Hope not. Good job.

lindsay said...

dang that's an awful lot of ways to rack up raffle tickets! let's see i am a member/follower, a facebook friend, and finally sent in my donation 12 weeks later! :) i might actually have a chance here. sounds like a cool raffle to me - i don't think any of us will get caught up in the 'legal issues' so i think you're good.

excellent job on the run! came in way under pace. and yikes 79 - i've been treated to a 'cool' front lately in the low-mid 70's.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I have never tried Vanilla bean. I am a member of your Blog...will work on more tickets before your birthday :)

GOOD WORK on the run..speedy!

Lisa said...

I said it before and I'll say it again... I would love to be able to run at your pace. I'm so jealous. Nice job.

Anais said...

Boy this sounds complicated!! I'm assuming that I'm in? Anyways, I will refer people to your blog, of course :)

I totally agree with you about the shoes: I actually USED to have asics and they gave me awful shin splints. Then I switched to Nikes, and they are no more!!! :) I love my shoes :)

ps: my sister is going to find out tomorrow how it would work for me to raise a half-marathon and raise money for hopefully I will get on with that soon!!! :)

Lisa said...

Yummy. Vanilla Bean is one of my favorites.

*I am a follower of your blog.
*I'm always up for new facebook friends, so I'll add you right away.
*I'll see if I get some people over here...
*As soon as my husband or myself get a job, I will definitely donate. Hopefully, that is very soon!

Meg Runs said...

I'm just confused at all of that raffle stuff...but I did love reading your blog! Have your tried the new GU CHOMPS?? Orange and pomegrante/berry are like candy...I wrote a little about them on my blog...check it out!! Sorry, you won't get a raffle ticket-ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

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