Thursday, July 2, 2009

Special Thanks Go To...Updated July 3rd


"Irish Cream" Donation to Autism Speaks
"Anais" Donation to Autism Speaks
"Mel" Donation to Autism Speaks

I'm not trying to make this look like a donation contest. It surely isn't. If you still want to contribute, please do so. I decided not to post the amount donated because I didn't want anyone to be worried that they weren't donating "enough." Every dollar donated helps and counts!

Only $443 to go to reach the first half of my fund raising goal. You guys HAVE indeed come through! Thank-you so much.

For the month of July, Every Tuesday and Thursday I will be selling pizza and bottled water at the school I work at. A local pizza parlor sells me the pizza for a discounted rate, so it's a great money maker. I'm also having a $5 car wash every Friday at our school. I'm working on organizing a pizza eating contest, with a cash prize along with a pig trophy to the winner. I am also going to be contacting local bars to see if one of them will allow a co-worker of mine, who's a licensed bartender, to bar tend for free one night, and she will donate her tips to Autism Speaks. So things are, and will be happening. I really want to be able to quickly raise the $2600 for Autism Speaks. After doing so, I'm hoping to be able to have people sponsor me per mile in the marathon, for example $1 per mile, or $25 ($26) when I complete the marathon. The proceeds from that would be donated to ASCONN, which is the Autism Society of Connecticut.


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Rick - I'm so sorry I forgot to donate until just now (when I said I would weeks ago - v slack). I hope it's gone through okay. I got a confirmation, so I'm guessing it did! Isn't it amazing how we can donate to causes all around the world? Amazing.

Good luck getting that final few hundred dollars! I feel certain you will. The countdown is really on isn't it?!

Irish Cream said...

Wow, you are such a fund-raising rock star, Rick!! I am so impressed . . . and I have NO DOUBT that you will make it beyond the $2600 minimum! Great job! :)

lindsay said...

that's awesome! you will make that 8/17 cutoff for sure :) keep on collecting those dollar bills!

(yeah i know, i still need to get on it. hey i'm just holding out for my own personal shoutout, yeah that's it) :)

Anais said...

I'm so glad the fundraising is going so well!! HOPEFULLY your credit card won't have to be charged :P I'm so happy to have helped!