Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick Update

Quick comments at 4:44 a.m. EST: Running continues to go well. Tuesday's run was 5.1 miles with a time of 47:17. I heart my new Asics GT-2140 running shoes. I was supposed to run at a 9:40 per mile pace. Without much of an effort I averaged a 9:17 pace. Perhaps the ridiculously cool for June temperature of 64 degrees helped. Or maybe forgetting to bring my mp3 player to the trail and instead listening to the sounds of nature did the trick.
Yesterdays run was a scheduled 3 1/2 miles at an 8:40 or better pace. I did a "random run" as I like to call it around the local streets. I averaged an 8:22 per mile pace, finishing in 29:13. Another day in the 60's-it was only 69 degrees. Normal daytime temperature is supposed to be around 81 degrees right now. Great to run in, bad to tan in (not that I'm a tanner!).
Overall, I'm the most comfortable and "at peace" that I've ever been while I run. Reality has set in that I'm actually training for the New York City Marathon, and I'm excited. I've made the decision, with everyone's help, that my time in the marathon will not matter. Although I will continue to train to finish in four hours or better, I don't care if I don't. God willing, I will enjoy the experience of my last marathon. After the marathon, I will still continue to run for as long as I'm physically able to, and for as long as I enjoy it. Hopefully until age 100! Fundraising for team Autism Speaks is progressing. I have received almost $300 in donations from my co-workers. I had a pizza fundraiser yesterday and raised $150. I've raised about $500 of the $1300 needed by August. My fundraising involves raising $1300 by the middle of August, and $1300 by the middle of October. If not, my credit card is billed for the difference both times. OUCH! I also purchased autism bracelets to sell for $5 each. If you can contribute to my fundraising efforts, please click on the Autism Speaks link to the right. By the way, tomorrow's our last day of school. I will be using my extra time to catch up on everyone's blogs, among other things.


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Hey Rick - what a lovely post about finding peace with you'rerunning. Something tells me you won't have amy trouble running until you're 100. Make sure you check out I-Run Canada, there is an 81 year old marathoner there!sterpho

lindsay said...

need to update your progress bar on your autism fundraising page! :)

sounds like all is going well with running and fundraising. i might have to rethink my donation though since you are getting out for summer break and, oh yes, i am not ;) i need to be a teacher!

concerned heart said...

I was wondering if you noticed any trend towards the fathers of the autistic children being older. There is familial autism and there is paternal age autism (31++)? There also seems to be a connection with vaccinations in some cases.Thanks

Mel-2nd Chances said...

happy that the running and fundraising have been going well so far! Have a great weekend.