Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Weekly Update

I'm baaaaaack! It's been a crazy week, and I apologize to anyone whose blog I've neglected. I really do make an effort to read and comment on everyone's posts.
This past Sunday was the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Bike Ride. I rode on a team called Simione's Ridemonkeys. My wife works for a company with Simione in its name, and they sponsored the Ridemonkeys team this year. Last year we got cool Ridemonkeys t-shirts. This year we got Ridemonkeys beer mugs. I know Lindsay and "Irish Creme" are jealous! I was psyched because I didn't get the wicked ass ache riding my bike like I did last year. I refuse to buy spandex shorts with built in ass padding. It just isn't right for this 52 year old man. I ride wearing the same clothing that I run in. Also, wearing my Garmin I discovered the "25" mile ride was actually just under 28 miles. Guess how much swearing I did as I reached mile 25, nearly out of water, in the hot sun? Overall, a great experience, and I finished in about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
Tuesday's run was a scheduled 45-50 minutes at a 9:40 per mile pace. I ran for 5.25 miles, and averaged a 9:23 per mile pace. Wednesday was a warm-up of six "Acceleration Gliders" (AG), followed by a 3.6 mile run at an 8:21 per mile pace, which was 19 seconds per mile quicker than necessary. Maybe my new running shoes helped?! I am now wearing the Asics GT-2140 running shoes. They're the first running shoes I've worn that aren't for runners who overpronate when they run. I was mistakenly believing that I overpronated when I ran. My podiatrist told me that I don't, so after three years I'm finally running with the right type of shoe. I really don't notice much of a difference, but I will say my new shoes are very comfortable. Plus the price was right: $76 total at Kelly's Running Warehouse, including free shipping. I wanted to buy the Asics Gel Kayano 15, but $125 was out of my price range. Today's run was a tough one. We had our (almost) end of the year staff party, and of course I drank too much. My training schedule required me to do four to eight AG's, so of course I dogged it and did four. I decided I needed to conserve energy, since my goal was an 8:40 or better per mile pace today. I'm very happy to say that despite sweating large amounts of Coors Light I completed 5 miles in 42:46, for an 8:33 per mile pace. Perhaps I should contact the Coors Brewing Company and see if they'll sponsor me. Hey beer has carbs, right?! By the way, I received 2 different six-pack samples of the Clif Shot Bloks at the bike ride. One was Black cherry, and one was orange. Both are soft and chewy, and tend to stick to my teeth. Both flavors tasted like Jello shots. I felt as if I was chewing on alcohol laced chews. So I won't be buying any Clif products. I'm still loyal to Hammer products, and as I've said before, if you order any of their products, please click on the link to the right, and we both will receive a discount. I must also say that I'm still addicted to the blueberry flavored GU Chomps also. Nice thing about them is they dissolve quickly, and don't stick to your teeth.
**Team Autism Speaks update: I received my first e-mail from them. Check out what I'll be wearing: "We are working with Asics for our team apparel. It will consist of a runners singlet/tank to be worn the on race day as well as a long sleeve unisex top to wear before/after the race. The singlet/tank will be customized on the front with your FIRST name unless you state differently. We place your name across the front so spectators can cheer you along, by name, on race day and the Autism Speaks logo will also be on the front and back." SWEET! Plus I get a free Team Autism dinner the night before the marathon. They also have 2 private buses to take all 125 of Team Autism Speaks runners to the starting line. My fundraising is going well so far. I have raised $40 online, with $15 of it being my own $$. The teacher I work with gave me $50 cash, a co-worker at Weight Watchers contributed $5, and I made $60 at my company party last night by having a 50-50 raffle. So far, I've raised $155. Not bad for my first week. Next Wednesday I'm hosting a cookout at lunchtime at the school I work at, and am selling hot dogs, hamburgers, and soda. I'm hoping to raise $100. If any of you want to contribute, the link is to the right. Just click on it, and it will bring you to my fundraising page. If you would rather mail me a check, e-mail me at and I'll give you my address. Also, if you can, please forward my info. to any friends, family, co-workers, fellow bloggers,etc. that may be willing to contribute. Thanks again everyone for your kind and supportive words. OK, time to catch up with what everyone's been up to.


Irish Cream said...

AWESOME job with the training thus far--you are totally rocking it! And I just had to laugh about you sweating Coors Light because I have SO been there (shocking, I know)! Speaking of which, I am definitely jealous of your beer mug from the ride . . . what a fabulous idea!

Finally, thanks so much for sticking up for me on my blog :) Some people are just big fat meanie-faces, but it's good to know I have awesome blog friends like you willing to call them out on it!

Payday on Monday! I can finally make good on that donation I promised! YAY! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

It was at Penfield II

lindsay said...

the uniform sounds cool! personalized = awesomeness. though sometimes i am weirded out when people cheer for me and i don't know who they are.

yeah you get coors light to sponsor you - i'm still working on mars/m&m's! haha. good luck with that!

Anais said...

I used to love Asics even though I was constantly having shin splints...and then I switched to Nike and I am NEVER going back. They feel awesome, and no more shin splints :) But I'm glad they're right for you ;)

Glad to see you'll be well dressed for the marathon!!!