Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feels Like I Ran a Marathon Today

Today's Run: Road/Linear Trail. 53 degrees. 5.2 miles; Splits: 9:04; 8:57; 8:59; 9:10; 9:20; 1:46. 47:16; 9:05/mile average pace.

Today's run was similar to yesterdays, with one big exception. I wasn't smiling the entire run. I was frowning from miles 4 to 5.2. I once again parked at the linear trail, and ran 3.7 of my miles on the road, and the final 1.5 miles on the trail. I started my run with some difficult hills, and I think that's what did me in by the time I reached the trail. I had my "lead legs syndrome" for the final mile and a half, even though I was on the flat trail. Now, five hours later, my ass muscles hurt, my legs hurt, and I feel like I ran a marathon today. I guess my body is still recovering from running two marathons in the past six weeks. I may shut it down until the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Once again, it was warm enough to wear shorts, but I doubled up on the tech. shirts. I actually was too hot by the time I was finished, even though it was only 53 degrees. I truly enjoy the calmness/serene environment of the trail, especially this time of the year. There aren't a lot of people there, just enough so I always see someone while I run. That's it for today...short and to the point. I hope everyone had a great day of running. :-)


Meg Runs said...

Oh drat, a frowning run! I saw a guy like that today on the trail and we did everything we could to make him smile...maybe he just WANTED to be left alone, right?
Hope your "fresh" legs are back tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Well look at that, Rick is back. Glad to see you running and posting too. Every run can't be great right? And you just recently ran a marathon so cut yourself some slack. You are sill fast in my book! Hope your legs wake up soon :)

Anais said...

I must've gotten some good vibes from you because I ran 6 miles on Sunday! :) I'm up to 20 miles a week now!berd