Thursday, October 22, 2009

Short Run, No Fun

Today's Run: Road: 2.8 miles; 70 degrees: splits: 9:04; 9:00; 7:02; 25:06; 8:57/mile pace.

I was scheduled to run for 20 to 25 minutes today. Talk about, I can't remember the last time I ran that short of a distance (2.8 miles). It was 25 degrees warmer today than it was 6 days ago. Living in Connecticut in October always means a big fluctuation in temperatures. I was tempted to run farther and faster, but didn't. I've followed my Jeff Galloway training plan for six months, so I've certainly earned this thing called tapering. What exactly is tapering? I really didn't know an official definition, so I Yahooed it and found this definition at
Many runners fail to realize that one of the most important aspects of marathon training is the taper phase. Reducing weekly and long run mileage during these final two weeks is vitally important so that you will be fully recovered from previous workouts while at the same time, be completely rested for the big event. For the sake of the discussion that follows, we will assume that marathon is scheduled on a Sunday. Furthermore, we will refer to the taper period as the time that spans the two-week period prior to the marathon right up to Saturday night (the day before the race). They add: Physical Preparation

* Cut back on the distance and intensity of your training runs during the two-week period prior to the marathon, eliminating long and hard efforts. You will need to make a decision whether you wish to take either/both Friday or Saturday as a complete leg rest day(s) on marathon weekend.
* Listen to your body. Remember, there are no workouts the week prior to the marathon that will enhance your preparedness for the race. An important rule of thumb is "Less is Best", particularly if you are feeling either physically or mentally tired and/or your leg muscles are fatigued/achy, etc.

OK, so now that I've read this, I now officially know that along with running a marathon 12 days ago, I have officially completed all the tough stuff required to kick ass at the NY City Marathon in 9 1/2 days. From this point forward until the marathon, I will continue to follow the remainder of the Jeff Galloway training schedule that I have been practicing and preaching about for the past six months. I will not do any more dumb things like running like a madman who has a craving for Good and Plenty and a Slurpee. I will gladly accept the fact that since I am tapering, that I can dog it and run as slow as I want as long as I run for the scheduled number of minutes. I will also try to make my posts about my slow and short runs as exciting as possible in order to avoid having my followers/supporters fall asleep while reading them. Is everyone still awake? I hope so. OK, end of boring, I mean exciting, post.


Meg Runs said...

Thanks for the correct definition of tapering...I've always taken it to mean, "less running." No more slurpees and Good n Plenty? Why live?! Maybe after the race?

Lisa said...

Not boring at all. I found the definition interesting. Other bloggers that are in the taper phase right now are complaining about how they want to run more than taper allows. Must be some kind of sickness runners have, ya think? Rest up, you've earned it.

Irish Cream said...

Ha, I tend to think that most people's taper posts turn out to be their most interesting posts yet . . . because that's when all the crazy starts to come out ;)

Hehe, I am anxiously awaiting your crazy . . .

But yes, for the love of all that is holy, please rest those legs and listen to Saint Galloway!! :)

sam said...

not boring at all, seeing as how i am VERY new to running i had no idea what tapering was. i am still learning so keep the posts coming!

Thanks so much for the comment Rick. I think I just needed to be told 100 times to relax and that i can do this. I am so glad to have the support of you and so many other people I am so glad I started blogging right now. And you are right everything happens for a reason. Thanks again Rick your comment helped me through a tough downer day!

Running through Life said...

Hey! I love the new look for your blog (OK... new to me since it's been a while)!

I'm glad to read that you're still doing the Galloway method... I've been more faithful to his technique since I've been able to start running again.

Can't wait to read how it all goes!