Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Final Countdown

Yesterday's Run: Temperature: 64 beautiful perfect for running degrees. Road: 4 easy miles; splits: 8:51; 9:02; 8:52; 9:00; 35:44; 8:56/Mile pace.

Fun run, nothing else to say, except it's "The Final Countdown" to the Hartford Matathon. 4 days, 2 plus hours to go, as of this minute. The cheesy song from Europe keeps going through my mind. WARNING: Do not listen, or it will echo through your brain cells for god knows how long. You will find yourself singing it at inopportune times...OK, I warned you!


Anonymous said...

This used to be my ringtone. Once I was on a run in VT and all of a sudden it started thunder-storming; like masively thunder-storming. My phone started ringing. So here was this girl book it up the hill from lake champlain in a storm and with her she's bringing the final countdown. I should probably put this on my playlist for this weekend.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I didn't have to listen and I already had the song in my head. GOOD LUCK!!!

Lisa said...

Ha ha... I don't need to listen to the video the song is already going through my head... thanks a lot.

As always your splits are spot on. I cannot wait until that happens to me.

Even though this marathon is a trainin grun for you I know you will do well. How can you not?

OK I need to find another song to listen to so I can get this one out of my mind.

Meg Runs said...

THANKS for the warning on the music...didn't even touch it! You're going to ROCK this weekend...hope it's the best "training" race ever!

sam said...

HAHA you have to have a trusting face to let women weigh you! I know 1.8 is good, I have to get out of my head! That's the hardest part..I get these crazy numbers in my head and then if i don't get there i am dissapointed. Since you have gone through I will listen haha PROMISE. I am sticking to it and no more crazy numbers.

Now for a ww question. Did you struggle in the beginning with writing things down and figuring out new recipes?

Anais said...

Ok, just reading the title of your post made it stick in my head!!!! Anyways, good luck Rick!!