Friday, October 16, 2009

Cold and Sloooow

Today's Run: Temperature: 45 degrees. Linear Trail: 4.1 miles; splits: 9:23; 9:31; 9:35; 9:34; :54; 35:44; 9:30/Mile pace.

It feels like winter here in Connecticut. Yesterday it snowed and fortunately none of it stuck to the ground around here. However, some parts of our state got almost 2 inches of snow. Today's high temperature was in the 40's. It was cold and breezy when I arrived home from work. The outside temperature was 45 degrees, with a "feels like" temperature of 42 degrees. I didn't want to run, even though I knew I had to. So I decided to dress warmly, meaning my winter running apparel of long sleeved top and long running pants. That was my bribe to keep my logical left brain happy. Left brain doesn't like to be cold, and doesn't think it's a good idea to run in the cold. Since the marathon last Saturday, I walked 3 1/2 miles on Tuesday, and walked and ran 3.85 miles on Wednesday. I've been trying to get back into some kind of a running groove, since in less than 16 days I'll be running the NY City Marathon. So I have next week to regain as much mojo as I can, then I'll be back to tapering and carb loading two weeks from now. So today I knew it was time for a short run without walking. It was a struggle. The extra clothing made me feel heavier...a lot heavier. My legs were like stone. Even my breathing the first few miles wasn't quite right. I considered taking walk breaks, but pushed myself and reminded myself that I would be writing this and didn't want to say I wimped out. A mile seemed like forever today. I felt as if I had regressed three years to when I first began running. I was glad I had chosen to run on the relatively flat trail, and not the road with hills to conquer. My splits were 9:23, 9:31, 9:35, and 9:34, and 54 seconds. Very slow for me, but also fairly consistent. I guess I was in denial that it would take some time to recover between marathons. Well, I have two weeks. Hopefully by taking it easy and doing some running, I'll regain my stride for NY. As much as I'd like to shut it down until then, I think that would do more harm than good. I'm looking for some help here, Lindsay and you veteran marathoners. Your opinions, please.
A few random thoughts. I'm about $100 short of my $2600 goal for team Autism Speaks. I sent the remaining balance to them, since the deadline is tomorrow. I'm still having pizza sales at the school I'm working at, so I'll reach my goal about a week or so late. That's ok though, because as I said, I already sent the balance due, and will reimburse myself the $100 that I put in once I raise it. Thanks again to everyone who contributed.
A few more post marathon thoughts. First, thank-you to all nine of you who left such positive and inspiring comments. As I said, I'm a wuss and do get emotional very easily. I've read your comments over and over again, and words cannot express how much they mean to me. Hartford was my third marathon and by far my best marathon. I followed my training plan as best as I could, and with the exception of what I reported in my marathon race report, followed it through during the marathon. I was amazed at how many people I met were also using some type of a Jeff Galloway run-walk-run marathon plan. Run-walk-run works. Over the course of the last 10 miles or so, I was passing a great deal more runners than were passing me. The 4:45 pace group had mostly first time marathon runners, and over the course of the last half of the marathon, most of them couldn't keep up and eventually dropped back. With run-walk-run, I played "cat and mouse" with them, and then felt strong enough to go ahead and stay ahead of them. I encountered a lot of runners walking the last 5 or so miles, and I still was going strong, even up hills. Also, as I mentioned in my race report, I had negative splits from the beginning to the end at the timed checkpoints.


sam said...

Oh man Rick I am on the opposite end of the spectrum with running weather. I loathe the warmth. I love when I wake up and its cold. However california cold probably isn't the same as your cold! Im glad you stuck it out and ran with no walking breaks, thats awesome! I know what you mean about remembering you will be writing about it. That is what has been keeping me motivated!

Believe said...

Kudos to you Rick for getting through the Brick legs! I think i will adopt talking to my left brain...maybe even aloud whilst running. It truely is SUCH a problem sometimes!! Keep up the good work, NYC wont know what is coming!

Also-I had to postpone my run tonight to tomorrow, so we shall see how run walk goes then! Happy friday!

Lisa said...

Not only does my left brain not like the cold but my ENTIRE body doesn't like it. Kudos to you for getting out there even though you didn't want to.

Funny how the blog keep you accountable. I said that mine would do the same, well actually I said it would get me off my as*, and sure enough it does. If I say it I guess I have to do it.

I'm making a little donation to help you fund the remaining $100. Congrats on raising that much money.

Meg Runs said...

You made it! I can't believe how cold you have it there...that can't be helpful. I can't believe NYC is so close...keep up the great work and rest!

Bootchez said...

Hey there Rick! Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . and thanks for stalking!

Oooh, those first winter runs are the worst, I imagine especially with post-marathon legs. Good for you for toughing it out, and you gotta love the feeling of when it's finished.

I am intrigued by the success you've had with the Galloway method, it just seems sooo counter-intuitive. I've got to give it some consideration.

Kelly said...

Yes- it snowed my entire drive home from CT today...WHAT IS THIS? I have already lost my optimism for winter haha. I'm glad to see I have a yankees fan reading my blog, haha even though I won't be kept ANY warmer if they win!

Kelly said...

Oops! I thought you were a yankees fan since you said when they win you feel warmer haha. Go Mets!

Anais said...

I am SO impressed with the amount of money you raised. Seriously - good job! You rock!!

Btw, I'm SO excited to watch the NYC marathon very soon!!! While you run it of course ;)

Irish Cream said...

SNOW?! WTF?! I am SO glad I'm in Florida right now!! :) (Not to gloat or anything).

As for what to do from now until NYC? I'm curious as to what the Galloway plan says you're supposed to do? Because wasn't the reason you ran the marathon last weekend because he prescribed a 26-mile run-walk-run? Maybe just try to follow along with the plan, but be very mindful of how your legs are recovering. If you feel ridiculously tired or sore, take it easy. But otherwise, stick with what the man says. After all, Galloway has seemed to work very well for you thus far! Why change anything? I'm assuming there must be a method to the madness, no? Good luck, Rick! Almost there! :)

lindsay said...

how did you feel in the extra layers? you have to find your body's "threshold" for pants vs. shorts, fleece vs. longsleeves, etc. i know i can't wear pants over 40* myself, maybe the extra warmth contributed to a blah-run feeling?

hartford/the 28 mile run/walk was definitely taxing on you. the good news is now we are 2 weeks out, and it's perfectly acceptable to taper on miles this week. when my legs felt like cement not long ago, i found that picking up the pace helped more than slowing down, strangely enough. have you ever tried doing a couple strides? or even pushing yourself for 20 seconds here and there during a run? maybe that would help shake your legs loose without straining yourself too much (as it wouldn't need to be but for 10-20 seconds).

anyway. definitely OK to cut back on miles a little this week, and more next week. and if last week was a little down, no biggie. a lot of people do 3-week tapers too!