Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Linear Trail: Temperature 72 degrees; Splits 9:02; 8:56; 9:04; 8:53; 8:55; 44:50 total for 5 miles; 8:58 per mile pace. (Planned pace was 9:00 or better).

Thank-you! Thank-you to the 8 of you who wouldn't allow me to wallow in self pity after my last post. An additional thank-you to Carlee, who valiantly attempted to text me to success on Sunday. None of you accepted the invitation to my pity party. I needed that. After taking yesterday off to recover mentally and physically, I was back to what I love to do: running the Farmington Canal Trail. Yup, I took the easy way back, but so what? I ran 5 miles, and it felt good. Sorry, but I don't have anything exciting to report about the run.
Decision making time this week. Decision 1: Do I run the Niantic Bay Half Marathon this Sunday? I ran it last year, and I like the race and the course. BUT, if I'm running the Hartford Marathon on October 10th (Which is decision #2), Sunday would be the first day of my two week marathon taper. I want to think I'll be ready to run the Hartford Marathon. Since August 1st, my runs longer than 10 miles have been 20 miles (run-walk-run)on August 8th; 23 miles (run-walk-run) on September 5th; 12.4 miles on September 7th; and the 16 miles (run-walk-run) I did this past Sunday. I really would like to get more more run of over 20 miles in before the Hartford Marathon. My only chance would be this Sunday, instead of running the half marathon race. So I'm stuck as far as what to do. I'll probably skip the half marathon and attempt another 20 plus mile walk-run-walk this Sunday. If successful, then I would feel as if I was better prepared for the Hartford Marathon, and would register for it. My only fear is that I psych myself out and bomb again on my long run Sunday. I am not good at running long distances by myself. The boredom drives me crazy, and having to wear my hydration belt weighs me down, especially after I refill the water bottles halfway through my run. Now I know how racehorses feel. After I stopped home and refilled my water bottles Sunday, it felt impossible for me to regain my running legs. I think that the added weight along with not running slower splits caught up with me and wore me down. Attending a 50th birthday party the day before and drinking beer and eating cake certainly didn't help either. All that being said, my goal this week is to run about 35 miles total and get in one last long run.


Lisa said...

I got nothin' for you in terms of advice because I've never run a marathon but wanted to say to not psych yourself out because you didn't have the run you wanted the other day. Positive thinking really works and if you already have a negative mindset about something, chances are that something won't be very successful. Good luck in your decision making.

Tara said...

WAY TO GO! I'm glad your back to feeling good.
My hydration belt weighs my down too, I've opted for a little hand held that I just refill. A ton lighter then those darn bottles!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

hmmm good luck with your decision! I don't mind my hydration belt... it stays on my hips and doesn't bounce, so it's all good. I prefer the belt to a handheld :)