Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today's run: Temperature: 63 degrees; 6.1 miles; 52:59; 8:41 per mile pace. Splits: 9:01; 8:50; 8:49; 8:57; 8:25; 8:11; .46.

I tried unsuccessfully to find a legitimate excuse not to run today. Since I'm writing this, I obviously failed. A random road run today, consisting of 3 miles out and back along route 10. Boring. It felt cold, with the temperature being 59 degrees when I started, and 63 when I finished. Next week (Tuesday?) is the beginning of fall. The bad thing about fall is that the temperatures continue to drop, and the sun sets earlier. Before I know it, I'll be running in the dark and wearing sweatpants. Why am I typing this and depressing myself?! I am satisfied overall with my splits, considering my route was, as I said earlier, boring, I felt kinda sluggish, and miles 3 to 4 were all uphill. As you know, downhills are great until you turn around and have to run up them. Once I overcame the hills, my last two miles were mostly downhill, as evidenced by my much faster splits of 8:25 and 8:11. I've made the decision to continue training with the Jeff Galloway method. I'm planning on doing the scheduled 26 mile run-walk-run this Sunday. Left brain is already freaking out. I am going to make an effort to beat 4 1/2 hours, meaning I'm going to try to perfect my run-walk-run technique. The Hartford Marathon (October 10) is still looking like a great alternative to my run-walk-run scheduled 28 miler the following day. It really does make sense for me to enter the marathon and reap the benefits of testing the run-walk-run before the NY City Marathon, plus having water stations available. Not to mention the cool bling you get for completing the marathon. I'd also like to be able to help pace my son's friend, as I mentioned in my post yesterday.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Somehow you dropped off my reader list...UGH!! Hey did I see that you have a half Marathon this weekend? If so let me know I will add you to High Five Friday..

I LOVE Fall.. There are better alternatives to sweatpants :)

OK off to get caught up on your Blog..

Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Good job getting out there when it was hard to be arsed. Well done!

Anais said...

Being able to pace your son's friend would be awesome!

I know, the cold weather is scaring me too... I'd love to keep on jogging outside until it snows, but I have NO cold weather work out gear! And I'm broke. So I can't invest in some :( So I think sooner or later I'll have to hop back on the treadmill!

Meg Runs said...

So you did decide to practice the run-walk? It will be interesting to hear how it goes. Is the 28 miles the prep. for NYC marathon? That's a long, long run.
Hope it warms up a bit for you!
Thanks for your kind words!

Irish Cream said...

You know, you could always make use of my strategy . . . and find a reason to move to Florida just when it is starting to cool down up here :)

Also, I think you are smart to stick with what you've been doing. Keep up the good work!!