Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When it's 95 Degrees, With a Feels Like Temperature of 103

You don't run....so yesterday I didn't run, even though I wanted to. But I also want to live past age 53, LOL. It doesn't look too inviting for today either:
Hot Summer weather once again today! Temperatures will rise to near record levels with sunny skies. A small threat for a pop-up thunderstorm today. Similar scenario tomorrow with more showers and thunderstorms likely Thursday and Friday. We are also watching Hurricane Bill now a category 2 storm. TODAY: Hazy sun, hot and humid. Breezy. Highs in the 90s.

I've never run in a hurricane before. Just think of how fast my splits would be! Hey, I'd be as fast as Lindsay!! http://www.chasingthekenyans.com/


joyRuN said...

Definitely no use going out there in a heat index of 103 to get heatstroke - feels awful!

I don't think even a hurricane would get me to run anywhere as fast as Lindsay :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

HOT ouch!! Hang in there buddy, hope you get some reprieve soon..

It got that Hot in Seattle week before last, but the humidity was LOW.. I was panting at mile .2

lindsay said...

yeah you must've really been feeling guilty!!

the only issue i see with running in a hurricane is the potential of running INTO the wind. that might hurt the splits a little. ;)