Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Uneventful Run

Yesterday's Run: Road/Linear Trail: 58 degrees. 6.1 miles; Splits: 9:36; 9:23; 9:07; 9:24; 9:18; 9:15; :52; 56:55; 9:19 per mile pace.

Welcome new Follower/Stalker Jen

Another run dedicated to someone who's unable to run right now: Jill. Yes, I've dedicated runs to her before, but she has a special place in my heart, because she's so freakin' funny with her comments on my blog, and in her blog. Go check out her wetsuit adventure here.

Interesting run yesterday. I wanted to run before it got too hot to run without water. I like running in the warmer weather (Duh, who doesn't?!), but I don't like wearing my running belt and carrying water bottles. I feel like I'm weighed down too much. Do any of you know a good alternative to wearing a running belt with water bottles? Or perhaps a lightweight water bottle belt? I drove to the linear trail and even at 11 a.m. the parking lot was full. I parked across the street, did my stretches, and off I went. I wanted to run 5 miles, and decided that at least half of them had to be on the road. I had what's lately become my typical slow and whiny first mile. My left knee was letting me know it could "implode" at any time, and my lungs were letting me know that I still had some work to do to regain my stamina. So, my mainly uphill first mile split time was a slow for me 9:36. Mile 2 was a little better and easier, with a slight downhill section to help, and was a 9:23. Finally I felt warmed up, and reached mile 3 and the linear trail at 9:07. While on the trail I had lots of company, including my favorite running companions, pony tail girls, which always helps me run better. I absolutely, positively hate running alone. The running group I joined as of now does 8 a.m. weekend runs, which is too early for me because of parental responsibilities. Anyhow, while on the trail, I decided I was going to run 6 miles total. So as Rachael/Garmin beeped for mile 4, I turned back and headed for remaining two miles back to my car. I was feeling ok, but not as strong as I would have liked. So I took the slow and steady mentality, plus enjoyed the weather, scenery, and company I had. My split times from miles 4-6 improved from a 9:24 to a 9:18, to a 9:15. So overall, I ran 1.1 miles farther than I had planned, at an overall pace of 9:19. Certainly not a great run, but a run I'm very satisfied with since I completed the extra mile, my knee didn't "implode," and my time was decent. My knee actually feels better today than it has in a while. I'm hoping to run tomorrow, and then rest it until my P.T. appointment on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone, and Good Luck to anyone out there who's running in a race.
P.S. Go and read and say "Hi" to another running blogger, Erin She's a great gal, and needs to feel the love of our comments.


Anne said...

Sounds like a very respectable run to me :) Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Good for you. Glad the knee didn't implode. :)

Cynthia O'H said...

I know how you feel about carrying water. Having anything around my waist or on my back just irritates me and I worry about ripping the skin off my back.
Solution: Hook oldest child into riding his bike on runs so that he can carry the water (and other essentials. Then, youngest child can pick up when he gets sick of it in a few years (hopefully, though, he won't; we're a good team together).

Erin C. said...

Glad to hear that your knee is holding up! And I hate to be the one to burst the bubble...but I am a runner who prefers the cold weather to the warm weather. It hit the 80s today in my area, and that triggered my asthma! I'll take 60 degrees over 80 any day. Hope your recovery continues to go well!

Julie said...

Hi Rick,
You run sounds like it was just fine...pony tail girls...bonus for you:) I am also hoping to run a little bit longer without taking my water belt or water bottle. I am sure those days will be short lived:) I am happy to hear that your knee is doing okay. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Rick!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wear water belts...I tried so many times! Gave up after a blister on my hip. REALLY??? Who gets a blister on their hip? Me.

I usually "water drop" and hide water on my path before my run. This is not a good idea if you fear homeless people might take your water. That happened once and was no fun. But man, when it works, it works!

Thanks again for the run and the shout-out!

ajh said...

I can't stand to carry anything so do wear a water belt when I get into higher mileage. No solutions, sorry.

Meg said...

Have you seen the belt with one bottle on the back and it also has a pocket? It's by Camel Bak and you can order it through REI. I like it the best and use it on my longer runs...we have them all, including handhelds, the belts with 4 and 5 bottles and the Camel Bak backpacks but this one belt is my favorite. It's not too expensive either!
I hope you knee continues to stay strong!

lindsay said...

i carry a handheld water bottle. i have one with the little 'case' around it you just slip your hand through the loop and you don't have to actually grip it the whole time, but sometimes i don't have that one with me and i carry a regular one.

back in '08 i was able to con josh into biking alongside me. that was THE BEST! water, gatorade, snacks all at my disposal :) i've dropped-water on my route before too but that's a pain - adds on time before/after the run and i'm lazy... lately i just make sure i'm running by a hotel/gas station/restaurant/etc where i know i can stop in and get some water.

Anais said...

I wish there was an easy way for me to see the splits from my run... I don't think the Nike Sportband does that! :(

I absolutely haaaate carrying water. I have a belt but don't like it much either, it makes my shirt run up! There seems to be no great way to stay hydrated :(