Saturday, February 13, 2010

PT Session #2...Going, Going, Groin

I've been a good boy and been doing my stretching this week. Heck, I even took some of your suggestions and bought a yoga DVD: "Essential Yoga For Inflexible People." It cost me $10.97 total, including shipping on, so even if I never use it (Which will never happen, since all of you will nag/remind me to use it), it didn't cost me a lot. Having informed my wife of this, she laughed all the way out the door as she headed to work this morning. Maybe she just happened to think of a funny joke at the moment I told her... Maybe the funny joke in her mind was me buying the yoga DVD. In any case, it should arrive here any day now. Then I will commence doing yoga in a toga.* With just over 5 weeks to go until the NY City Half Marathon, I'm feeling upbeat. My PT session yesterday with Nuno (Yes, that's his REAL name) went well. I would even venture to guess that I'm making good progress. Nuno did the ultrasound thing again around my groin area (Wow, I feel so close to you guys by sharing this!) and once again followed it by kneading and pressing the heck out of the area afterward. Much to my surprise, I had a LOT less pain, meaning the inflammation has decreased, the blood's flowing better, and whatever technical PT razzle dazzle he told me that I've forgotten. Nuno told me to continue doing my exercises at home, and I only have to see him on Monday and Friday next week. So, I will continue to do my home exercises, start practicing yoga when my DVD arrives (Stop laughing wife Kathy who at times reads my blog and doesn't comment), and hopefully soon will be able to incorporate strengthening also. Next week I will be brave enough to ask Nuno how my progress is going, and his opinion about when I can resume running again. I'm off next week, and not being able to run then is bothering me. I guess I'll have to be patient, something which I'm not good at.
Finally, THANK-YOU to Anais, Erin C., Bootchez, and Lisa for the run and exercise dedications. It really meant a lot to me. Also, LMAO at RunKathyRun's "Hurt So Good" song comment. It's funny how my post on my groin issues were able to generate 12 responses from you guys. I think that's a record amount of responses to my blog, but geez, over Gumby and my groin? Seriously though, all of your comments do mean a lot to me, especially since every one of them put a smile on my face. As I've said before, I may not have a lot of followers, but the 41 I have are truly the best. Here's a blog "hug" for all of you, especially the terrific twelve who commented. UPDATE: Yoga starts today. I received my dvd in the mail yesterday. Of course I will not do my yoga if my wife is home...she's such a naysayer sometimes!
*Ok, yoga, but not in a toga


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Bloggers really are the best, aren't they! So happy to read that you're making progress, and that you've ordered a Yoga dvd! Here's to hoping that it helps you gain a bit of flexibility and helps you remain injury-free! Had to laugh at your wife laughing.... too funny :)

Have a great weekend Rick!

Steel Springs said...

Great title for the post! I'm glad you had some progress. Enjoy the yoga DVD!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your nice comments on my blog lately, especially yesterday's. I am feeling better and you're right, it couldn't get much worse. Oh except I just couldn't sleep more then 3 hours last night. I go from one extreme to the other I guess!

Rachael misses your wrist I'm sure and she wants you to do your yoga DVD so you can be back at the whole running thing with her tagging along!

Anne said...

Hi! I sure hope all this groin action is going to mean you can run real soon :)'re a funny man!

Anais said...

Ok next post, I am expecting it to be about YOGA!!! :P Toga optional ;)

I'm not doing my stretches :S I really should though... but I'm glad you're doing them!!

And thanks for the info on the training plans... I will keep all that you said in mind!!

lindsay said...

glad you are getting better! i think you should make kathy join in on the yoga with you ;)

prashant said...

Great title for the post! I'm glad you had some progress. Enjoy the yoga DVD!

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