Sunday, August 14, 2011

Made it under the time limit imposed by my daughter

And I lived to tell about it.  So it took me 1:27:08.45 to finish  the grueling 3.2 miles,but I made in less than the 90 minutes my daughter set before she would panic. She panicked anyway, when medics brought a couple of people in from the course, but then I emerged from the trees slid down the giant slip n' slide, ran through fire, crawled through the mud under barbed wire and crossed the finish line, bruised, scrapped and covered in mud from head to toe.

What made the finish sweeter was when my daughter and her boyfriend said the course this year was much harder than last years.  I am a Warrior!

I will post photos as soon as my brother sends along.


lindsay said...

Congrats! Hope you enjoyed yourself and aren't too sore/"beat up" from the obstacles.

Anonymous said...


I think about you often, and Rick. I bet he was cheering from above- he would be so proud!