Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank you

Thank you all so much for the edible arrangement. It was a welcome gift, as we had plenty of folks celebrating Rick's life yesterday. I will post some updates as the school he worked at will be doing some memorials in his honor and I would love to share those with you all. We are all hanging in there.



Hannah said...

Kathy, I am so far behind and I am so so so sad to read this. My thoughts to out to you and your family. Rick was such a great source of encouragement to me, and I'm so thankful to have known him.


teacherwoman said...

I am so far behind in my blog reading - I am deeply saddened to read this. I want to send out my thoughts and prayers to Rick's family. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Kathy- it was the very least we could do for a man who gave us so much by way of motivation and appreciation! I hope you are finding some peace <3

lindsay said...

yes, it was the least we could do! many of us wanted to come up but we all live so far away. :( glad you all enjoyed it and had help polishing it off.

hope you are all doing well--

Lisa said...

While trying to catch up on my followed blogs, I read the news about Rick. I am very sad to hear this news. Rick was always so supportive and encouraging. Even though we never met in person, I considered him a friend. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time. Thank you so much for keeping his "internet family" in the loop.

I am very sorry for your loss.